Our 2nd Vacation Together to The Poconos
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Our 2nd Vacation Together to The Poconos

The 2nd trip Nick and I took together exploring nature and creating everlasting memories.

Our 2nd Vacation Together to The Poconos

May 15th, Nick and I took our 2nd trip together to The Poconos, staying at "The Crown Resorts'' in "Beech Mountain Lakes." 2 nights, 3 days, and it still didn't feel long enough! We didn't want to leave, and needless to say, I truly fell in love with the area.

On the 2nd day of our vacation, we visited Bushkill Falls, my first time ever witnessing it! It was so beautiful, the water flowed right down into the river and it was very loud. We climbed so high up on the stairs, looking down at everything below us. The air smelled amazing, the wind felt great against my neck and the sun was shining. Everything was perfect.

One of my favorite memories of this trip was sitting on the balcony with Nick, right against the lake, sippin' wine. I felt so good. So in love, so happy, so relieved and at peace. I hope I someday can have that view at my future home.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a romantic and quiet getaway with their loved one to visit this resort. It was everything and more.

Nick, you are my favorite person to go around with and travel. You bring out a light in me and so much happiness that has been buried down for a while. I always feel like I can truly be myself and just sit back and have fun with you. Thank you for making this 2nd trip amazing.

I truly hope one day I end up moving to this area, or at least close to it. I love the scenery and to wake up everyday and just see beautiful mountains. It reminded me a lot of Colorado, and my soul was thirsty for it.

The drive there was so scenic. We decided to take the scenic route there. Frankly, always take the scenic route. It is always worth every minute. The weather was perfect, barely any clouds, and the sun shined.

I relaxed, drank by the lake, enjoyed every moment and I cannot wait to do it again. 2 places down, way more to go, babe!

Visit, travel, sight see! Your money will return, your time will not. Whatever makes your soul feel at peace, do that.

Love Always, Mel.

See below for some photos!

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