If you're not familiar with Oreo's mystery cookie saga, let me catch you up to speed. In September, Nabisco (Oreo's parent company) announced that they'd be selling a "mystery cookie" in stores that looks just like the OG Oreo cookies but tastes completely different. The brand promised to award $50,000 to the Oreo enthusiast who guessed the correct cookie flavor.

Alas, many have tried to win this cash prize by eating as many mystery-flavored Oreos as possible once they hit store shelves on September 16 ( a great excuse to binge on Oreo cookies) but few were able to deduce the cookie's correct flavor profile.

Just yesterday the company revealed that this year's mistery cookie is churro-flavored, making one lucky customer $50,000 richer (sorry guys, the winner has already been notified.) According to Nabisco, popular guesses were gingerbread, funnel cake, and graham cracker - needless to say, everyone caught on to the cookie's cinnamony, sugary taste.

You might not have guessed the right flavor or won the hefty money prize, but a bag of the limited-edition churro-flavored Oreos sounds like a pretty good consolation prize to us. You can buy these from Walmart, Amazon, or at your local grocery store. Hurry while supplies last!

Not much of a churro fan? Don't worry, Oreo has other yummy flavors coming soon. The brand announced the arrival of two new Oreo flavors in 2020: Chocolate Marshmallow (stuffed with real marshmallow pieces!) and Caramel Coconut. They also have an incredibly cute Oreo Holiday Cookie House Kit that gives your parents' OG gingerbread house a run for its money, you can get it on Amazon here.

Take a break from your holiday shopping, grab a glass of milk and enjoy your favorite Oreo cookies, whatever they are! Who knows, maybe next time YOU'll be the one to guess the right flavor.

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