5 Things You Know If You Are In A Interracial Relationshio

5 Things You Know If You Are In A Interracial Relationshio

Cultural differences are real

Interracial relationships are growing more commonplace, and people are much more accepting of them today than in the 1960s. As humanity continues to bridge the gap between various groups and cultures, the result is a beautiful intermingling of people and the emergence of a sub culture of mixed races. If you are in an interracial relationship, then you probably know most of the following to be true.

1. Pictures can be a challenge

Most couples (but mostly the girls) love taking selfies (or “usies”) together either for personal keepsakes or to post on their social media. This seemingly simple task to everyone else can create a very technical issue for interracial couples. Both filters and pictures can be the enemy, especially for couples on the extreme opposite ends of each color spectrum. On very bright days or under bright lights, one person looks washed out by the light, while in subtle or dim lighting, one may be hardly visible. Needless to say, filters are not a huge help; none seems to have a good balance for starkly differing skin tones.

2. The awkward moments when…

Being an interracial couple today is nothing of the tribulation it was back in the 60s when couples were harassed by police and in their own communities and families. However, awkward moments still happen today.

By default, people are more likely to assume two people of the same race are in a relationship than if they are of different races. So, some couples endure awkward moments when someone tries to flirt with their significant other while. One lady on Twitter posted: “When you’re standing next to each other, [and] no one believes you two are dating, so they think it’s okay to hit on your [boyfriend].” Another woman said: “When they ring you up for two separate tickets cause they think y'all aren’t dating.”

3. Cultural differences are real

Other instances of awkwardness can be caused by culture differences. Across cultures, the phrases, native tongue, holidays, food, humor, and mannerisms usually differ, and sometimes it takes the other person a minute to catch on.

Some people of older generations or more orthodox cultures still have a hard time coming to terms with the intermingling of races. So, some couples struggle with a family member that disapproves of their relationship. Dislike may not necessarily be on the basis of race, as there are a gamut of things people can dislike about a relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes the prejudice is blatantly stated.

4. You learn and grow together

The people skills you develop from interacting with those of different cultural backgrounds are invaluable. These interactions do more for you than you may realize. You may find you are better able to socialize and mingle with all types of people now. Your confidence in humanity and “others” increases, as you realize that though quite different, you are both so similarly human and share common goals. You learn a lot just spending time with their family, celebrating their holidays/traditions, or learning certain phrases from their language—not that you can write any of this on a resume or anything, but if you hang around the person’s family enough, then you’re probably well-cultured. Brownie points.

5. You get the best of both worlds

Being in an interracial relationship is the literal embodiment of getting the best of both worlds. You are able to live and experience two cultures simultaneously. If you live together, your living space is probably a unique blend of the two cultures and you enjoy different meal styles. You have a lot to offer each other, and very much enjoy each other’s differences. The cross-culture aspect makes your relationship unique. You experience the world together through different lenses and enjoy the company of your best friend with the added bonus of love!

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1. Not being accepted by the late 90's kids.


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