Don't Fear The Day You Start Opening Up To Someone New

Don't Fear The Day You Start Opening Up To Someone New

There's no reason to be afraid of the day someone wants to get to know you.

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Opening up to someone is great.

Getting to know someone while someone else gets to know you is kind of like a game of Mario Kart with thousands of different levels. You start off on the easiest level as you learn the easy parts of a person. As time goes on you unlock more levels of a person, and your relationship either strengthens or fades.

While opening up to someone new isn't always easy, sometimes it comes naturally with people who are supposed to be in our lives. You know, those people who you never expect to be close to who somehow turn into people we can't live without.

There are other times when opening up to someone isn't easy. These relationships are equally as rewarding.

Someone who pursues you and wants to get to know all the levels of who you are is someone worth opening up to, no matter how scary it can be. It's these kinds of relationships that give and take, as you open up the person getting to you opens up too.

It's not about who you're getting close to. What's hard about opening up to someone is the 50/50 chance that they aren't ready for you to be completely open with them.

We have all told someone something extremely personal just to receive a bad reaction, an unwanted opinion or a look of disapproval. Not only have you done nothing wrong but expressed yourself to someone who you felt comfortable with, a level of openness has been locked.

It is at that moment when you have given a piece of who you are away that you never open up to anyone again.

It's not because you don't know other people have opinions or because you're overreacting. You lock up after being shut down because you're afraid that you've ruined the relationship you worked so hard to start to build.

Every time you've opened up to someone before it's come back to hurt you, and you're afraid of doing that to yourself yet again.

When you get close to anyone, the moment they leave a piece of you leaves to.

What you have to remember about opening up to someone new is that the likelihood that their opinion and look of disapproval is them passing judgment on you is slim.

If you're aware enough to know that opening up to someone takes trust, maturity and time, then you are surely aware enough to be picking good people to be close to. Trust your instincts and judgment when opening up to someone and do not fear the day you start opening up to someone new.

Chance are it's better that you are opening up to someone new rather than keeping everything bottled up and to yourself.

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