Dear Big,

One of the most influential women in a sorority girl’s life is their Big. You were the one who took me under her wing, who mentored me, who taught me the ins and outs of the sorority world and who spoiled the living daylights out of me every opportunity you got. A Big is so important to a pledging member of a sorority and I know for a fact that I did not say “thank you” enough to the wonderful person who blessed me with her presence.

Growing up, I was a very social child, but I was an only child. There were definitely some perks–I never had to fight over what to watch on TV and I was able to do a lot of after school activities, but I was always kind of lonely when I got home from school and had no one to play with. I always wanted a sibling, but I definitely wanted an older sister to look up to and teach me things. When I got to college, I knew I wanted to join a sorority because of the sisterhood that it offered, and I found my home in my sophomore year at our chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota.

I had no idea you were going to be my Big. We got coffee earlier in the week and you had mentioned that you were possibly taking a Little, but I never put two and two together, so I was completely shocked when you stepped forward at Big/Little Reveal. I knew a few things about you and that we had interests in common, mainly the goals of becoming professional cat ladies and somehow graduating in the next few years. I guess in a way it was best that we walked into this with a pretty clean slate–I had so much to learn about you and the sisterhood all at once and I couldn’t wait to take it all in.

While I didn’t know you all that much before Big/Little Reveal, we became close very quickly. Your selflessness and passion for the sisterhood was an inspiration for me and it made me want to devote everything I could to SAI the way you did. You organized fundraisers, set up study dates with me and did everything you could to build our relationship. You were a role model for me and you set an example that I try to follow every day of my life.

You will always be one of the greatest people who ever stepped into my life. You taught me how to balance my time with the sisterhood, you were my predecessor as fundraising chair and you always knew when to put me in place. You even surprised me at my house on my 21st birthday, with only a Facebook post as a warning. I wouldn’t be the woman I am now without you, and I definitely wouldn’t be the sister I am now without you. I never said “thank you” enough for all you did for me or the sisterhood.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being my sister, thank you for being my Big, but most importantly, thank you for being the big sister that I never had. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Your Little Burrito