An Open Letter to Trump Supporters
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An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

To whom it may concern...

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

To Whom it may Concern:

It's important that you know I'm not super keen on politics or the conversations that they bring. With this in mind, once I hear enough about an issue I develop an opinion that I'm definitely not afraid to share. I haven't studied either candidate under a microscope, but just to be living and breathing in the recent months it's been impossible to not see what's going on. Especially with the new video and Trump's comments that have emerged in the last few months, I feel it's my responsibility to put what I have to say out there.

This election is like none other. In many moments it has seemed like more of a scripted reality show than real life. A very crucial difference from any other election is also the fact that one of this years candidates has no political experience or background. He goes by the name of Donald Trump, but I don't need to tell you that. You know Trump, you know that he says what he thinks and thinks what he says. This could be an appealing quality if his latest comments didn't include "grabbing a woman by her pussy." Thats not even the worst of it. The comment alone would be one thing, but the message that it is sending is detrimental. Rape and rape culture in America is at an all time high. Watching a powerful man speak publicly and offensively about women and having it dismissed by the "boys will be boys" locker room mentality is so threatening to girls and boys everywhere. Trump wants to enact even more racial profiling by stopping and frisking, an act that has been deemed to unfairly target minorities. But, unfairly, targeting minorities is one of Trump's specialties. Recently he blamed Muslims for Islamophobia, shared his want to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of America, allowed the beating of a Black Lives Matter activist, and the list goes on. He is the poster child for white rich male supremacy in this country, and yet he has all of you backing him. I'd like to tell you that as a young woman who comes from two different cultures I can't, won't, and don't condone this revolting behavior. Actually, you know what? My gender or background doesn't affect my opinion, having morals and being a human being makes me feel disgusted by how far America has let this come. What self respecting person would allow this? Even a rich white man, a god in America, has a reason to object to this. He has a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend, someone who is touched negatively by these comments. I was once told to judge people based not only by how they treat me, but how they treat others. The way Donald Trump treats anyone unlike himself is critical. The root of all this Trump supporting nonsense is the lack of empathy and rise of selfishness in America. Everyone wants bigger, better, faster, stronger but only care about themselves, squashing everyone else like bugs on the way up. Somehow 240 years after this country was founded we are still struggling to grow out of the selfishness, racism and greed that was planted.

This letter isn't going to talk about Hillary or look for her faults. She has enough people doing that solely because of her anatomy. I won't tell you to vote for her either. I can't even vote yet. I'm just telling you my opinions, because they do matter. That's what we like to think America is about, right? The freedom to express and share is imperative in our legacy. Donald Trump poses a serious threat to the history of our country, a history that I already think needs some rewriting. The phrase "Make America great again" should be a warning sign. When was America great? Slavery, taking away natural rights, lack of women's rights, lack of minorities rights, unequal pay, and an endless list of examples, America wasn't ever my definition of great. For America to be great, it'll have be great for everyone. At one point, the only people that could vote were people very similar to Donald Trump. White men. Today, that is not the case. America might've never been great, but the less pessimistic, angsty, teenage side of me urges you to look at the future, at hopefulness, at change, at pure whole hearted benevolence. As a writer, I say the word "great" is boring, overused, and tired. As a person, I say the word "hate" is even more overused and tired. Donald Trump's so called greatness that he wants to implant in America is filled with hate. So on the day you decide to vote, I ask you to do one thing, its harder than it sounds. I ask you to think. Think of this, think of me, think of anyone and anything unlike yourself. Think of the reason that you are here; women, think of yourself not as separate but as part of a whole, Think and then vote.


Magda Farrug

P.s. Please comment, email me, and let me know your opinions whether you agree with me or not!

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