To those who have been forced out of their beds because a friend wanted to hang out and you did not have a good enough excuse that they technically could not come so you did not say no.

To those who have become so extremely stressed because all of the clubs at the activities fair looked so fun and their executive positions sounded good too, and you didn't want to say no to any of them.

To those who have group projects in all of their classes and cannot trust anyone else so they become the group leader.

To those who have just constantly said yes to everyone, and then stretched themselves too thin and are always stressed. This is for you because I am consistently saying yes to things that maybe I should say no to just because it would allow me that extra time in my bed or just a little bit more of sleep or even just less stress.

As college students we are all, always stressed. No matter the time or place, we probably have 10 projects due, a club meeting we are late to and trying to binge watch the newest Netflix series. We have a lot on our plate just with homework assignments from all of our classes, let alone the jobs we need to have money in our pockets or the clubs we need on our resume to get a job once we leave. Being able to then say no to things becomes important since none of us need the extra stress that comes with saying yes!

Now saying yes to somethings is not bad — it is when you are physically unable to say no to anyone about anything that there is an issue. Those people who have become unable to say no need to take some time to first of all realize that they are someone who cannot say no.

So first recognize that you are this person, totally okay! Then, you must practice saying no to little things and build up confidence. It is okay to say no, you do not want onions on your burger. The waiter or cashier will not be inconvenienced by this request! If a friend asks to hang out but you need to do homework or you are just really comfortable having a night alone, it is okay to say no! I do not condone bailing on your friends or saying no in their time of need, but if it just that they want to watch a movie it is okay to say no. If they truly are your friends, they should understand. Now, if every night you are saying no to even stepping out of your room, then maybe you should listen to them and interact with someone other than your laptop!

There is no easy fix. It is difficult to feel as though you are letting others down for saying no, but really it is just self-care! Saying no to relieve stress is essential for your health. You can only be spread so thin before. Remember the things you need to concern yourself with first, which for me is school, my job, and of course, my family — and then everything else follows. You are your first priority, and a lot of times we may forget that, but it is the most important thing to keep in mind!