An Open Letter To Old Friends
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An Open Letter To Old Friends

Life pulls a friendship apart as unexpectedly as it brings it back together.

An Open Letter To Old Friends
Anna Simpson

Dear Old Friends,

As time passes us by, we begin to lose touch with the friends we once had. Whether they were from pre-school or middle school or even high school, for one reason or another over the years you have lost touch. As much as I know that it is life’s plan for me, I still get upset sometimes thinking about all the great people I have lost touch with.

Recently, I received a text, which lead to a phone call, from an old friend. This finally put things into perspective a bit.

First of all, to some of my friends that I haven’t talked to much lately, I just want to say I am so sorry. I have just been consumed in so many ways between school and work that it is hard to stay in touch. But know that I feel awful for not being around much. I feel awful that I have not been there for you, especially if times have been hard.

When I got that phone call, I heard a friend crying on the other line telling me all the crap that she has been through, and here I am listening in shock because I am clueless to it all. I wish I could have been therefore her before, but the best I can offer now is being here for her from now.

To those of you that I haven’t talked to, and probably won’t talk to unless we some how cross paths again, know that I miss you. I do think about how you are sometimes, and I love staying updated on your latest adventures through different social media post. I think about texting you and saying hi sometimes, but then I think it has just been too long. I wish the best for you in your future endeavors and hope all is well.

To all my old friends, know that I am always here for you if you need a friend to talk to. I don’t care if it has been a month or a year since we last talked. If you need a friendly voice then I am here for you. Just because life took us in different directions doesn’t mean I won’t always consider you my friend.

While it is sad to leave behind people in your life, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason. Let’s face it, if we didn’t move on with our lives we would not have made new friends. We wouldn’t have experienced the things that we have.

I wish things could be different. I wish I still talked to some of the people that I don’t talk to anymore. But I know that the some friends will cycle back into my life. In fact, as hard as it was to hear my friend upset the other day, I was glad to talk to her. It was a good reminder that not all lost friends are lost.

''The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander." -Unknown Author
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