Open Letter to Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I know that you're out there somewhere. I hope that I am able to find you someday, and with the hopes of being able to share my life with you, I need to warn you about a few things.

I am not easy to get along with. I am very hard headed and extremely independent. I have learned to hold my own and not depend on others.

At some point, you are going to see and hopefully accept my flaws and learn to deal with my stubborn, hard headed self. You'll eventually see this side of me, so I'm warning you, that under this independent, strong willed and persistent woman, there is someone who's been broken not once, twice, but several times. I need reassurance and some extra love when I'm feeling down. However, I may not want to accept your offer of help, but just know that I need it more than I want to admit, and will be happy to have it once I've calmed down.

Whether I want to admit it or not, I am a romantic at heart. I like small, random gifts. I enjoy receiving sappy texts and all the little things that create everlasting memories. I'm hoping that you're willing to take me on long walks and picnics in the middle of a field at night to watch stars, but most importantly I enjoy the small things in life.

Granted, I'm fully capable of taking care of myself, I do wish to have someone who would hold my cold hands, make me laugh when I'm having a terrible day and be yourself with me. I am crazy and need someone to be crazy with, but most importantly, I need you to be my best friend. I need you to love me for who I am and all that I am.

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