An Open Letter to Bandwagon Fans

An Open Letter to Bandwagon Fans

Enough is Enough.

Bandwagon fans are the scum of the sports world. You know who you people are; you bunch of good-for-nothing, fake supporters that make up a disloyal fan base. Your motives to support a team are unjust due to the fact that “your” team is winning games and have high contention for a championship. A prime example is the people from the metro area that hopped on the Brooklyn Nets bandwagon when the team moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn. The nerve of these “fans” to think that they can join in on decades of tradition, that include good times and bad times, to call themselves loyal because they support a team that got a new location and mediocre players. Let’s see how long they last when the team misses the playoffs, their star player gets traded, and they fall back into the losing ways of the New Jersey Nets, a team that only carried a group of truly dedicated fans before moving. You bandwagons fans have the power to turn a compacted set of dedicated fans into a mass blob of unjust supportiveness and create a sense of confusion when trying to locate the true fan base. Your reasoning behind your so-called supportiveness is porous, as a real fan stands by his/her team through thick and thin.

These type of people can apply to almost anything that is trendy and in-style, such as those damn two-wheel hoverboards. All of a sudden, celebrities all around the country sported this new way to get around. Naturally, the average person wants to join the pack, so they mindlessly spend $800 on this fad, only to realize the high risk of injury and inconvenience as opposed to simply walking. So, there goes a ton out the money out of the window to cling onto the next best thing that comes along. Not to mention, these type of things are only cool for about the first two times you show if off to your friends. Honestly, your friends probably don’t even care and they can see through your bandwagon ways as you only bought it because you saw other people on them, not because you really wanted to buy it. Hopping on the bandwagon can be a lifestyle, as you people blindly support things you really don’t know about.

It must be painful for you to go through your thought processes in that fat head of yours. How can you go through the procedure that runs through your head of “I’m going to root for this team because they win most of their games and have a good shot at winning a championship, even though I’ve only started paying attention to them a week ago and I only know the team’s two best players”? Not to mention that this runs through your head about two weeks before playoff time, only to hear the ear-piercing words come out of your foolish mouth, the six words the bane my existence, “I was there from the start.” You pick a team that has championship hopes, ride the bandwagon until the team is no longer in contention and then disseminate around the league to find that next team to cling onto and still think you’re able to say “I was there from the start.” To put this nicely, bandwagon fans, find a team and stick with them through good times and bad, or leave the sports world alone.

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