Dear Rapist Brock Turner,

You may be wondering why I'm referring to you as The Rapist at any mention of your name.

I do not care about your athletic abilities. I do not care who you used to be. I do not care about who you "could have been". And I certainly do not care about how "severe of an impact" a long jail sentence would have on you, though it seemed to concern the judge who sentenced you.

What I do care about is the fact that you raped someone.

What appalls me the most is the fact that you, a rapist, who took a girl's sense of security, were sentenced to a meaningless SIX months in a county jail. This is so far away from the fourteen years you should have gotten in a state prison.

To add insult to injury, you were released after serving only half of your sentence due to "good behavior".

Where was this "good behavior" when you followed this girl? Where was your "good behavior" when you pushed her down behind a dumpster? Where was your "good behavior" when you sent pictures of her to your friends? Where was this "good behavior" when you raped her?

Can you answer that, Rapist Brock Turner?

As U.S. Rep Eric Swalwell said, "There is no justice in the light sentence and early release of Brock Turner."

You took advantage of her intoxication and used that as an advantage when you assaulted her. You took advantage of her lack of memory and tried to fabricate this elaborate story to talk your way out of the charges.

It is not fair that the photo circulating of you for so long was a smiling photo that looks like it belongs in a yearbook. We should have all seen you right away for what you really were. Your mugshot, the night you were arrested for raping someone, not this clean shaven, smiling, suited up photo.

I hope it has a severe impact on you. I hope that you can never get a good nights sleep in your life. I hope that you have no reason to go out in public, because people will yell at you, repeating the words of truth, "Rapist! Rapist! Rapist!"

That is what you are. That is all you will ever be. Not a star swimmer who made a mistake, not a college student who got too drunk, not a young adult who misinterpreted a situation. You are a rapist.

I hope that this follows you and haunts you until the day you die.