An Open Letter: To Reevaluation in Your Life

To Reevaluation in Your Life,

I wanted to take a moment to talk about revisiting a particular thing or things in your life. I thought about something I hadn't considered in a while. It wasn't anything critical, but this motivated me to write about what it means to pick something apart for the sake of change.

Think of a concept, person, or thing that you were a thousand percent sure of. I know this is a broad question, but think in terms of happiness (I never write to encourage anything negative for you or anyone else). Now, I want you to ask if there has been change since that decision.

Whether the answer is "yes," or "no," please consider another question: are you happy or content?

This is really what change in life should be about. Moreover, your wellbeing is just as important.

The next essential idea to change is reevaluation. You have every right to change your mind on things or people who are not bringing you peace or a healthy wellbeing. It's easy to say this, but harder to actually do; giving up on something you were used to can take time.

However, if it doesn't make you feel at ease or add some positive influence, it may be time to let it go.

I took time myself to reflect on moments where I had to leave a particular decision I once thought wise alone entirely. Realization that those moments needed to happen made me appreciate change even more.

Staying with one idea can be good or bad, so reevaluation in your life is up to you and for you, only, to decide. Let no one make you feel unusual for wanting to surround yourself with positivity or serenity. That right is yours as it is anyone's.

Go at your own pace in all things. Just because someone around you is ready to drop something doesn't mean that applies to you. Vice versa, if that person wants to hold onto to that same thing, doesn't mean that's your plan of action.

No matter how or when you decide reevaluation suits you, may you be safe, healthy, and happy during the process.



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