An Open Letter To My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

It's been almost 21 and a half years since you decided to bring me into this world. We have sure had some crazy ups and downs since that day. This letter is for you, and while it won't cover how much I appreciate all of your sacrifices for me, it's a start.

As an only child, I automatically knew I had two best friends. I never cried when I went to pre-school because I knew when I got home, my two best friends would be there to play with me.

Being there after school did not just start and end in pre-school. Every day, both of you were there. Bullies, boys and bad days were always destroyed by Mom's mashed potatoes. Dad, you always knew what to say to make me laugh and held me close when boy's broke my heart.

Both of you bring different but equally important things to my life.

Mom, you are everything I want to be for my future children. You sacrificed your job when I was young to raise me. When I have a fight with my friends or boyfriend, you are still the first person I go to. Throughout my life, I have seen your incredible strength and hope that strength is in me, too. Aside from just being an incredible cook and keeping my schedule together, you've made it possible for me to always feel comfortable talking to you about anything. I consider you to be my absolute best friend.

Dad, you emulate what I look for in a partner. There were times in my childhood where you had three or four jobs just to provide for Mom and I and so I could go to private school. I have your sense of humor, work ethic and drive. You make me so proud and every one of my friends always looks forward to when you are home so they can see you, too.

I would have to live several lifetimes before I thanked you properly for everything you do, however, I think this letter is a start.

A lot of people tell me when they find out that I'm an only child that they are surprised. They all say that I am too kind, humble and unselfish to be without a sibling. I always laugh, shake my head and disagree.

I tell them it's all in the way you are raised.


Your only daughter

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