An Open Letter To Incoming College Freshmen

An Open Letter To Incoming College Freshmen

The Freshmen 15 is a real thing... Beware...

To Whomever it May Concern,

I am almost positive the feeling of leaving everything you are used to and comfortable with has hit you. However, do not worry because you are about to enter what many deem (including myself) as the best four years of your life, and I am here to give you a couple of pointers to prep you for this journey.

Your first couple of months of college everything will feel new and amazing. New places to visit, new friends to make, and new things to learn. Make as many memories as possible and have the most fun because once you get to your "sophomore slump" college can seem like a drag. College is all about finding yourself. So try things out of your comfort zone. The phrase "you won't know if you never try" comes into play in college.

Now let's talk about friends. The people you make and befriend the first couple weeks of school will more than likely not be your "best friends" by the end of your freshmen year. Now there are some outliers, however, you meet so many people constantly one of those people is bound to become a friend for life. On to the good part, you are probably going to meet some of the greatest people of your life here. College friends stick with you throughout your whole life.

I know you are probably dying to hear about all the wild parties. Well in college, especially during your freshmen year, there are a bunch of them. College is a safe haven for underage drinking and other illegal activities. Just remember one thing: you do not have to do anything you do not want to. Do not be afraid to say no under any circumstance. Thus, bringing me to my next point.

Sexual assault is college is very real, and it happens way more often than you would think. Whenever or if ever you go out to always check in with your friends and if you are not comfortable in the situation you are in say no.

On a more positive note, going away to college means no more mom and dad. You are free to do as you please when you please. Now all this personal freedom is great, however, your parents will not be on you all the time about grades or cleanliness, it is on you. College is time for you to take personal responsibility. Although you may have times where you miss being home, being away is probably the best thing for you.

Food. Probably the most important thing about college. NO the dining hall food is not spectacular but you must suffer through it. Going out to eat is nice every once in a while, however, it proves pretty costly if you do it multiple times a week. This probably my most important piece of advice: drunk food is very tempting and delicious but the "Freshmen 15" is real and that is one of the leading causes.

I hope your freshmen year was as good as mine was and I hope you make the most out of it.


A Former College Freshman

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Christian Boys Vs. Godly Men

It is time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.

Ladies, there is a huge difference between a Christian boy and a Godly man; therefore, it is time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.

So many times I hear girls saying:

“Well, he’s a Christian.”

“He goes to church with me.”

“He listens to Christian music.”

“He went to church camp.”

“He has a favorite bible verse.”

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Well, all of those things are just peachy and there is nothing wrong with doing those things. I mean, they’re all good things to do. But how is his personal relationship with God? How is his prayer life? Does he talk about his relationship with God, with you? Is he truly a follower of the one true God in all aspects of his life? These are some of the characteristics you should be looking for that makes a Godly man.

Ladies, a man will love you great when he loves God greater.

A Godly man will pursue an honest relationship with you. He will be clear of his intentions. A Godly man will worship, pray and passionately praise God with you. Whereas, a Christian boy might open the door for you, a Godly man will open his bible and explore God’s word with you so that you both may grow spiritually, together. While a Christian boy may put on an outward show, a Godly man will live out the love of Jesus daily.

So ladies, are you catching on to this ongoing trend? A Godly man does more because you deserve more.

A Godly man will be a leader. Trust me, I know that in today’s society Godly men are few and far between while Christian boys come in plenty. But you deserve a man who is after God’s heart not just a boy who goes to church. And I know that this Christian boy may seem great and have some really stellar qualities at the time but money and looks fade, whereas, an ongoing love for our savior will not.

The greatest thing a man can do for a woman is to lead her closer to God than himself. (Yes, yes, yes).

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So I beg of you, do not settle. Do not settle just because you’re tired of being single, it’s convenient or because you want the relationship your friend has. Single does not equal available and a relationship status does not define you. God uses your season of singleness to prepare you for what is to come. And if you’re dating a Christian boy, he needs to step it up or you need to move on. Wait for a Godly man who is ready to lead you. God’s timing is always better, always. No matter the circumstance. So, do not rush God. (I mean, He is, after all, pretty good at His job). Therefore, turn your full focus to Him and He will direct your path.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

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Cancel Culture Is Toxic And Ugly

Stop deciding for me who I can and cannot like.


I was really hoping that canceled culture died in 2018, but unfortunately here we are in 2019 still "canceling" whoever we personally deem "problematic." Whether it's tweeting from six years ago or falsely made allegations, waves of people will grab on to anything they can to bring down whatever celebrity or influencer seems to be doing well at the moment.

Of course, it is important to bring light to horrible things such as racism, misogyny, domestic abuse, etc., but remember these horrible things are still happening TODAY. We need to focus our energy on combating the horrible things people are currently doing and saying; it is truly such a waste of time to bring up the problematic words and actions that someone in the limelight did almost a decade ago.

Let me be clear, there is no one person I am trying to defend here. I honestly don't care much to personally defend anyone who is being canceled by angry twitter-users who found something just bad enough to hold against them for eternity. I truly just find the idea of it annoying and ugly.

The idea that any person is a completely static, flat character is so inconceivable and unlikely that I truly have a hard time understanding why we cannot accept an apology from a matured person.

If we have no evidence that a person has made any recent damaging remarks, then how can we prove they haven't changed since they tweeted something wrong in 2013?

Of course, there are people who have recently or continuously proven they are indecent people who are not deserving of any sort of public exposure, but if they are truly so horrible, people will drop them without you having to tell them to do so. You don't have to condemn those who still remain loyal; they are probably not the kind of people you need to waste your time on anyway.

If the people canceling others were constantly watched like the people they have damned, I am absolutely sure there is something we could find from their past to cancel them as well.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that famous people are still human beings just like us. Anyone is prone to make mistakes, and those mistakes can absolutely be rectified over time.

Nowadays, people love jumping on the bandwagon of finding a new person to hate and don't even stop to think about the damage it could do to that person's life and reputation.

Give people a chance to prove that they are decent human beings before deciding whether "we" as a whole should love or hate them based on such a small amount of evidence.

I am not saying you have to love every celebrity. If you don't like what someone has said or done you absolutely do not have to give them your attention or devotion, but you should not tell me whether I can like them or not.

In 2019 we should put an end to canceled culture, and, instead, learn to take people at their word and accept their apologies for their past wrongdoings.

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