An Open Letter To The Illinois General Assembly

Please pass a budget. The residents of Illinois are dependent on you as a lawmaker to pass a budget. Don't just pass a budget to bail out Chicago because the rest of the state needs you. I'm talking to you Representative Madigan. The last 30 years of your reign over the House of Representatives needs to end. Illinois will be the next Detroit and you as a lawmaker are too stubborn to work with the other party to pass a budget. There I said it. I don't care whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, no one, and I mean NO ONE is too high and mighty to not compromise.

For those of you who are reading this and aren't aware Illinois has not had a budget for almost two years now. A Republican governor, Governor Rauner, was voted into office in the last Illinois general election. However, because Chicago is so large, a Representative and a Senator from counties around the Chicago area still control the House and the Senate. Which means that even though there is a Republican as governor, the Democrats still control the General Assembly. Representative Madigan has been the Representative for Chicago for 46 years. Almost half a century. He was elected as the Representative for Chicago in 1970 and was voted in as Speaker of the House in 1983. If you need more of his credentials here is his Wikipedia page:

A 46 year run as a Representative in the state of Illinois and you'd think that, of all people, he would be able to get something done. Before it got to be this messy, but he didn't, neither did the rest of the House or the Senate. Please work with your counterparts. It doesn't matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you CAN work together. Your state NEEDS you to work together.

Many bills that are trying to create a budget are even being called to the floor. The bills that are being called are only inflating the budget with money we don't have to spend. No one will work together nor will they compromise. The Democratic party even stated they would not vote on a budget until November. So while the state is suffering from your stubborn ways, and there are representatives and senators playing candy crush on their iPad, something needs to change.

People are moving out of this state and for a good reason. The schools are shutting down, many colleges have stopped receiving state funding and are being forced to lay off professors and faculty. Students leaving high school this year and next year are looking mainly at schools outside of this state. More people are leaving Illinois than moving here. Teachers are leaving the state and so are the doctors. If you can't reach a compromise soon, this state will be more than bankrupt. It will be desolate. Pass a budget, Pay your bills, take care of your teachers because they are taking care of the next generation. Don't leave nothing for them to have. I'm calling on you Speaker of the House and you President of the Senate to FINALLY get something done. Because if you can't, there may not be a state left to run.

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