An Open Letter To The Class of 2020

To The Freshmen Class of 2020:

Congratulations ladies and gentleman. Most of you are now all moved into college. I'm sure mostly all of you are excited to see where these four years are going to take you and for all the new memories you are about to make.

Well do I have some bad news for you: before you know it you are going to be starting your senior year of college, starring at yourself in the mirror and wondering where all the time went.

Okay, so maybe that part was just coming from a bitter senior who is watching all of the freshmen moving in. That senior may be very jealous that she cannot just start all over. (Hint: It's me.)

Let me explain to you some of the good things you have to look forward to.

You are going to be exposed to a whole new batch of people and eventually find "your people." Sometimes you meet "your people" right away or it might take almost your whole college career. However, you will know them right away when you find them and your heart will sing with happiness whenever they are around.

This is finally the time for you to start growing as a person away from the wings of your parents. Homesickness is going to hit hard at first, but before you know it you will make discoveries about yourselves you never have known before. These discoveries can happen in the classroom, in your dorm room or at any campus event. Open your mind and heart to new things.

You will finally start to see your worth is not defined by your weight, your GPA or by anyone else. Join clubs, go to events and surround yourself with people who make you see that worth. Anyone else is just a waste of your time.

Do not get hung up on that boy in your Chem class or the upperclassmen girl who will not give you the time of day. College is the time for you to fall in love many times and make mistakes so you can discover who you are. If you do find someone, make sure they can push you to be the best you that you can be.

Finally, appreciate every single moment. Before you know it YOU will be the senior starring out the window watching all the freshmen move in.

I hope your time here passes a little slower than mine.


A Member of the Class of 2017

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