An Open Letter To My Big On Her Birthday

Dear Big,

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being my big. My go-to person. My cheerleader. My sorority mom. Sometimes I wonder where I would be without you. Without all your love and support. Probably wandering around campus aimlessly somewhere, or doing something very reckless. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for you. But just for your birthday, I will try.

I remember getting my first clues on who my big might be. I was so scared, thinking no one actually wanted me. That they just took me because they had to. Yet every one of your clues made me smile and wonder even more who this mysterious girl was. All I hoped for was that you would love me like I’ve seen so many other bigs love their littles.

And boy, did I luck out. Big, you are the best big a girl can ask for. I think the first thing I love about you is you are literally just like me. I mean, people even say that we look like twins but our connection is more than a superficial one. We have similar interests; writing, Harry Potter, and Spanish just to name some off the bat. We share the same values; we are both introverts and are deeply committed to bettering the world in some way. Our sameness built a connection that I do not believe anyone else can understand.

Yet, even though we are so similar, you have taught me so much. You guided me through the secrets of our sisterhood and through the scariness that is initiation. You walked me through my first year of college and all the pitfalls that come with it; parties, classes, friend and roommate drama you were there for it all. When you made the hard decision to leave Salem State, you taught me about doing what’s right for yourself and your happiness. Thank you Big for every lesson you taught me.

I also need to thank you for being an amazing role model in my life. You are one of the hardest workers I know. Taking more than five classes each semester, having two majors, and keeping near perfect grades. Top that off with being our Greek Delegate and it truly proves you are Wonder Woman and someone I strive to be. You also inspire me as a writer. Taking on writing a whole book as a thesis, that is impressive. You make me want to follow my dreams as well. Thank you Big for being the role model I need in my life.

There is one last story I want to share in this ramble of thank yous. It’s one you don’t even know big. When I was at freshman orientation oh so long ago, I remember seeing an orientation leader with a shaved head. She was short like me and feisty and funny. She did stand up with another orientation leader and all I can remember thinking is that that girl needs to be my friend. And as fate would have it, you became my best friend in this world.

Happy 21st Big and thank you so much for choosing me. Thank you for teaching me so many lessons. Thank you for being an amazing role model. Thank you for loving me. See you soon Big and don’t forget to aim high.


Your little

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