An Open Letter To My 10-Year-Old Self

An Open Letter To My 10-Year-Old Self

The world and the way you see it is changing...

Dear 10 year old me,

How’s 5th grade going? Are you ready to move on to middle school? Get ready for a whirlwind of things kid, because life is about to take you down an unexpected path.

You’re 10 years old, and you’re carefree. Live it up! Go outside and ride your bike around the neighborhood. Stop being so afraid of bees. Please pay attention in math class. You’re 19 when you write yourself this letter, and let me tell you, you’re still bad at math. Hug your grandfather. Go bowling with him and your father more often. Ignore those bullies! You are radiant, kind, and funny. Never let anyone get the best of you.

Do you want to hear what the future has in store? You think you hate history class, right? Girl, let me tell you, wait until you get to 6th grade. You’re gonna love it. I’m not kidding. You are gonna have two really great friends to get you through middle school. You’ll know who they are. Middle school isn’t as bad as everyone says it is! The 7th grade is going to be your favorite year, I promise.

Have fun during your teenage years. Hang out with your friends whenever you can. You’re going to miss these days eventually. Stay up late on the weekends. When you go to dances with your friends, don’t just stand in the corner because you’re embarrassed to look like you’re actually having a good time. Get out there and sing along with everyone! Never be ashamed or embarrassed of who you are. Being a teenager is weird. It’s hard. These are the years you find out who you really are. You’ll make lasting friends and relationships. These are the days you’ll look back on fondly.

High school isn’t going to be anything like you imagined it would. You aren’t going to go to the high school you wanted to, and actually, you’re going to move to a different town. You’ll hate it at first because you’ll be a teenager in a strange environment, but you’ll learn to love it. Making friends in a new school and a new town is hard, but I promise you, you’ll make the best friends you’ll ever have. Oh, and by the way, those two friends from middle school? You guys will stop talking during your Sophomore year of high school. But don’t worry. You will get over it and the friends you make your junior year will be better times 1000.

Junior year is going to be the best time in your high school career. You’re going to have teachers that care, a job where you work hard, and friends who love you for who you are. Can I offer some advice, though? Remember, it’s okay to say no sometimes when people ask too much of you. Remember to put school and your own personal happiness first. One other thing about junior year - don’t drink energy drinks! Stick to coffee and you’ll thank me later, I promise.

Can you do me another huge favor? Never dye your hair! It is such a uniquely beautiful shade and it will take years to go back to its natural color. Don’t dye it bright red and never ever dye it a dark shade. If you really feel like you must play around with color, get some caramel highlights or something. Just please don’t dye your whole head. Remember, this is yourself writing this letter, so, don’t you think you know what you’re talking about?

Life is never easy, so when it gets tough, always remember that you are loved by so many people. There will be so many more people that you will meet that will leave incredible footprints on your heart and mind. You are beautiful. You are funny. You are kind. You are young in body and in spirit. There will be some rough times ahead of you. But, I promise, when you write this letter to yourself, you will know happiness.

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10 Things Someone Who Grew Up In A Private School Knows

The 10 things that every private school-goer knows all too well.


1. Uniforms

Plaid. The one thing that every private school-goer knows all too well. It was made into jumpers, skirts, shorts, scouts, hair ties, basically anything you could imagine, the school plaid was made into. You had many different options on what to wear on a normal day, but you always dreaded dress uniform day because of skirts and ballet flats. But it made waking up late for school a whole lot easier.

2. New people were a big deal

New people weren't a big thing. Maybe one or two a year to a grade, but after freshman year no one new really showed up, making the new kid a big deal.

3. You've been to school with most of your class since Kindergarten

Most of your graduating class has been together since Kindergarten, maybe even preschool, if your school has it. They've become part of your family, and you can honestly say you've grown up with your best friends.

4. You've had the same teachers over and over

Having the same teacher two or three years in a row isn't a real surprise. They know what you are capable of and push you to do your best.

5. Everyone knows everybody. Especially everyone's business.

Your graduating class doesn't exceed 150. You know everyone in your grade and most likely everyone in the high school. Because of this, gossip spreads like wildfire. So everyone knows what's going on 10 minutes after it happens.

6. Your hair color was a big deal

If it's not a natural hair color, then forget about it. No dyeing your hair hot pink or blue or you could expect a phone call to your parents saying you have to get rid of it ASAP.

7. Your school isn't like "Gossip Girl"

There is no eating off campus for lunch or casually using your cell phone in class. Teachers are more strict and you can't skip class or just walk right off of campus.

8. Sports are a big deal

Your school is the best of the best at most sports. The teams normally go to the state championships. The rest of the school that doesn't play sports attends the games to cheer on the teams.

9. Boys had to be clean-shaven, and hair had to be cut

If you came to school and your hair was not cut or your beard was not shaved, you were written up and made to go in the bathroom and shave or have the head of discipline cut your hair. Basically, if you know you're getting written up for hair, it's best just to check out and go get a hair cut.

10. Free dress days were like a fashion show

Wearing a school uniform every day can really drive you mad. That free dress day once a month is what you lived for. It was basically a fashion show for everyone, except for those upperclassmen who were over everything and just wore sweat pants.

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To My Little Sister, Don't Wish For Time To Move Faster, Soak Up The Stage Of Life You're In

Live in the moment and you will come out having no regrets.


To my best friend,

Time goes by quickly, do not wish it away. Enjoy living in the moment you are in right now because you will never get it back. Stop wishing you were in college already because you have so much to live for right now.

I know all you want to do is get away from home and start over, which is normal because I wanted to do the same thing at your age. But as your older sister, and as someone who has gone through that stage already, I am here to tell you that it is not all rainbows and sunshine 24/7.

With the time you have left in high school, enjoy every second of it because eventually, you will come to miss it.

Graduation is just around the corner for you and it honestly freaks me out how fast time is going. And it only goes faster in college. As kids, all we wanted was to be in high school and be able to drive on our own and once we hit high school, all we want is to be in college. With almost being in college for two years, I can easily say that all I want is to be a kid again. We have been wishing our whole lives away since we can remember. Enjoy today.

I see so much potential in you and I am beyond excited for what the future has in store for you.

Many times, you have been the one to give me advice even though I'm the older sister and this shows how caring and loving you are. Life is going to treat you so well and it already has.

There is one piece of advice I must give to you though. Make sure to thank mom and dad and tell them you love them as often as possible. I know they can get on your nerves and may make you angry at times, but they have given us the best life. You will learn in college just how much they love us and how much they have given up just to make us happy.

You have a good head on your shoulders and I know life is going to turn out to be exactly what you wanted. Just don't wish it all away. Some of my favorite times were when I was a senior in high school.

I'm always looking out for you so don't ever think you are alone in this crazy world. Remember, I am just one phone call away.

I love you so much sis, you got this.

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