It can be easy to ignore the warning signs when you know exactly what you're looking for.

That doesn't sound right, does it? But it is. The symptoms you choose — and choose not to pay attention to — can very much make or break the diagnosis you end up receiving. Too often, people are focused on not being labeled as crazy than they are with receiving the necessary care they need. This needs to stop. With the stress on college-aged students now higher than ever, it's no wonder that young adults are starting to exhibit signs of mental-health issues.

The answer to this question is not to hide, and it's not to say that it will "all get better with time."

It's true, things might get better over time, but the funny thing about time is that it hasn't happened yet. We will never know just how much time our healing will take so it is unfair to make your body hold out on healing.

What you do know, however, is that in this moment you are hurting.

In that space in time, it is important to acknowledge that side of your existence and remedy it to the best of your ability. Seeking professional help is always one of the best options for people suffering, especially by finding a counselor or psychiatrist who is like you — in ways that would make you feel comfortable.

From personal experience, I know how we can all push ourselves to the limit. I also know far too well about me ignoring obvious warning signs about the state of my mental health.

We have to listen to our bodies. Life is the longest thing we will get to experience.