Growing up as a kid I didn't have any siblings. I was also from a single parent home. I lived with my mom and eventually with my aunt as well. I just think what most people don't realize is from being an only parent household you are forced to grow up faster to help out at home. I do not think that there is anything wrong with that. I have learned things that have helped me out with my life now.

As an only child, I have my quirks. I definitely can tell if someone has been in my room or touched anything that I own. But the greatest lesson I have ever learned was to be independent. Independence is critical in life. As I get older the more I understand how much being an only child is a blessing but also has its drawbacks. I never really had someone to fight with whether it be toys or any sibling things. I did, however, have strong women to guide me through those tough times. Independence has helped my character grow and also has shaped how I handle things in life.

Life is all about trial and error. Which brings me to my famous saying "It's not the challenges in life that define you. It is how you rise above them, learn from them and what you choose to do with it the knowledge you gained from it." I think this quote I came up with is the definition of going the extra mile and learning a little more. With every situation I am in, I am able to use my knowledge from being an only child with the independence I gained more experience and handle life differently.

Although I may be an only child from a single family home, I am grateful because the lessons I have learned from my mother, aunts, uncles and even cousins have shaped me into the woman I am today. I hope that when you see an only child, you see a hard worker, passionate, quiet but most significantly independent. I hope that you never use the word conceited but understand that is just what they learned in life. They learned to handle things in a different manner.

Although being an only child has made me have a different outlook on life, I never would want to change it. There is a reason for everything in this world even in the specific time that you were born and the family that you were born into. Life is about challenges, let your life experiences guide you. Since I am an only child I see things differently, but that doesn't mean that my thoughts are the same as others. I am merely just stating a personal opinion and sharing about my life.