Poetry On Odyssey: One Drop At A Time

Eyes Closed, breath heavy

My mind flutters to the caves of my subconscious

Searching, scavenging for an idea.

Lost in the void, it holds onto the only light that it knows

sinking deeper and deeper.

I am awake.

My eyes wander curiously to the surrounding settings.

Dark, Gloomy, Cold.

A light blue lens illuminates and flows through the room

like water on the ocean.

My ears perk up

the drumming inside begins to pull me away

like a child excited to see the bright lights of the city.


I watch it hit the window,

falling in a motion that little understand.

Nothing else matters.

It engulfs the world around me

softly at first, like an unwanted embrace.

Then violently crashing down

suffocation and no vision of a way out.

A warm touch, a look.

Steam overflows the cup, the warm embrace of hot coffee kisses my lips.

I am pulled back into the reality

I am pulled back into you.

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