If you are a fan of college basketball, I'm sure you are familiar with the "one and done" rule. This rule forces athletes coming out of high school to play at least one year in college before being eligible to declare for the NBA draft. I believe this has become a problem, especially for talented basketball players who have the ability to be drafted right out of high school. These types of players are fairly rare, maybe there is a handful at most in an incoming freshman class, the obvious one this year was Zion Williamson. This superstar had the raw talent to be drafted right out of high school, and it became very evident watching him play throughout the year.

I was discussing the one and done rule with my dad during the tournament, if this rule was eliminated it would create more parody for college basketball because the top recruits wouldn't go to the same couple of schools each year and the success would spread. Not that there wasn't parody in the tournament this year, Duke didn't even reach the final four even though they were the most popular team picked to win it all in the brackets. It seems that schools such as Duke, Kentucky, UNC, and a few others always attract the top recruits because of the program history and the availability with players leaving for the NBA draft every year, especially when they have a lot of freshman players who leave after 1 year.

There as many reasons why it should be eliminated, it prevents athletes from making money. These athletes have the option to play in an international league, but the NCAA gives the athletes the most opportunity for recognition due to the high number of televised games.

With this being said even if there was not a rule in place of playing 1 year in college, some players might do it anyways if they feel like they are not completely ready for the NBA immediately. The NBA has already prepared for this option by having the G-League which allows players the opportunity to develop their skills. I believe eliminating this rule would make sense for player who know they will not play all 4 years in college, especially those leaving after their freshman year. If you were an athlete knowing you only had one year in college, how seriously would you take your studies? It wouldn't make sense to devote a lot of time to excelling in the classroom if a degree doesn't come as a result.