Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher
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Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher

Just like Mr. Feeny.

Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher

Often in high school, around the time of breaks (Christmas, spring, summer), graduates would come back, visit teachers, reminisce and catch up. Finally, after two years out of high school, I made my way back to visit those who inspired me, moved me and taught me. It was an experience that I recommend to anyone who has a cherished teacher, whether he or she be from elementary, middle or high school because the truth of the matter is once they are your teacher, they will always be your teacher.

As an Communication and English with a Creative Writing emphasis double major, I can say that my literature, composition and journalism classes had a profound impact on me, but I think the measure of their influence on me wouldn't be anything without the people behind those classes. Just like how without Mr. Feeny, Corey Matthews wouldn't have grown into the man you see in the later season of "Boy Meets World," and the teacher he is now on "Girl Meets World."

I could easily talk about the technical lessons that my high school teachers taught me, but their influence did not stop there. Mr. Zielinski's class gave me the confidence to share my writing, while also teaching me how to handle criticism. Mr. Henning showed me how passion and vocation can be linked, ultimately leading me down the path of journalism, which I have walked now for five years. Mrs. Conrad's love for stories and the lesson you can learn from them has influenced me to write in memoir for creative writing classes. Mrs. Irish pushed me to choose joy every day — a feat that is not always easy to do, but when done, I feel light as a feather, like the world with all of its stressors can't touch me.

So I went back to my high school and met with all of the teachers I have talked about in this article. We reminisced and caught up, like you do when you see an old friend. I also thanked them. But what truly made this visit so special was the conversations we had. Once again, I was their student and they were my teachers, dispensing their wisdom that I gratefully took note of.

If you haven't gone back to see that one or those couple of teachers who positively influenced you in some way, I highly suggest you do. Thank them, and let them know how grateful you are for their presence in your life.

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