On Having Three Roommates
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On Having Three Roommates

No, it is not as bad as you would think.

On Having Three Roommates
Julia Grace Hill

I was at Target when I received my rooming assignment for Wayne State University. When I read that my triple dorm was being converted into a quad, I nearly dropped my phone.

How did this happen? Also, why did this happen to me? I had never even once shared a room in my life, let alone with three other girls! This was sure to be a disaster.

Wayne State explained that they were over capacity for housing, and were therefore forced to convert some of their triples into quads. When I read this, I imagined the smallest room with four sets of furniture crammed into it. I was then convinced that I needed to switch out of my quad as soon as possible.

Now, I won't lie, move in day was pretty rough. After dragging in way too many boxes and bags, it seemed like there would simply not be enough room for all of us to live. After rearranging the furniture at least seven times, and finally settling on stacking our dressers on top of each other, we found a decent setup.

Now that we had figured out the room arrangement, I had moved onto worrying about our routines and preferences. As a constant worrier, I was bound to find at least a million ways that this could go horribly wrong. How will we all have time to shower? What if my roommates have an eight a.m. class? Do they party? Do they like it to be completely silent? My mind was racing.

While filling out a stereotypical college roommate questionnaire, and repeatedly saying after each statement, "yeah, I don't really care," even when we did, we realized that maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

I had such amazing luck with my rooming assignment. My roommates have become some of my closest friends here at Wayne State. We each have our own unique schedules and routines, but have learned how each of our schedules can work together.

My favorite thing about having three roommates, is that there is always something going on. Whether we're studying, singing karaoke, or attempting to learn the dances from High School Musical, I am appreciative to have them by my side.

Having roommates has helped me work on my communication skills, and has reduced my anxiety in both social and academic situations. I would typically describe myself as being an introvert, and having social anxiety, but since being at Wayne State, I have been much more comfortable meeting and spending time with new people-- this is something I attribute to my roommates.

I have learned so much about my roommates and myself since moving into my quad at the end of August, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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