They say we fight like brother and sister, but we are. I never found the right words to tell you, but I'm going to try. Thank you for being my older brother and my first boy best friend.

I miss talking to you on a daily basis, and whatever I did, I'm sorry. You deserve your little sister back, and I deserve my first ever boy best friend. I always saw you as my first boy best friend because you were my big brother. I told you everything.

Thank you so much.

We don't talk anymore. Why? Is it because I am a horrible little sister and everything just went downhill? I do not see you every weekend anymore, why? You were my first best friend, but more than that, you were my first boy best friend.

Sometimes I wonder if I picked up the phone, we could talk. But I don't wanna be the annoying little sister. I'm about to get a full-time job while going to school so I can move.

I hope you know when I move, I won't come back to New York even though you are moving also. I don't wanna be the bad person because I left without telling you.

I never got to tell you, but thank you for saving me from myself and helping me along the way.

You have the best spirit anyone could have, and you get that from your mother. You deserve to have the happiest spirit and to live to get your happiness down the road.

I will always think of you in the morning and before I go to bed because you're my big brother, and I'm happy that you're living your life. I just want you to know that I think about you all the time.

I just want to let you know that you deserve to know where your little sister is taking her life. You were the big brother I've always wanted.

You deserve to know where I'm going in life. I love you big brother.