To My Old Childhood Friend

To my old childhood friend,

We haven't talked in years, as goes with friends from your childhood. It wasn't that we grew apart but instead it was because you moved away and at an early age, it's hard to keep in touch.

Recently we reconnect online and let me tell you, it brought me so much happiness. Memories of our friendship swirled back into my mind and I remember how much you meant to me. My favorite memory is when you had me come over to your house to see a bunch of baby bunnies that were recently born and hiding in your yard!

Not only did old memories reappear, but we were able to catch up and share what our future holds now that we were both graduated from high school. You told me that at the end of summer you were off to a university in Florida to become a pilot.

That made me SO proud of the person you had become.

Seeing your pictures of your adventures across the country in an entirely different world warms my heart at the fact you have achieved so much and I hope that doesn't stop anytime soon

We may not have been in touch for a very long time, but you will always hold a special place in my heart.

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