Do you ever run into those people who hold on to the past with an ire that is scary and almost admirable? I know I've met my fair share. You wonder why are they so adamant about holding on when it's so much easier to let go. However, there may be some perks to a blast from the past you haven't thought about.

1. You learn


As much as we hate to admit it, our past experiences give us the ability to learn and grow as people. Like that time when you learned you can slip your hair off of the fork you stuck in your hair instead of cutting it out.

2. Making amends


Looking to the past also allows us to see how we may have hurt others, and it gives us the opportunity to try to make amends with them. They may not always want to but it shows an effort and that you care enough about the relationship to make an effort.

3. Getting through ruts


Our past can also remind us that we are stronger than we know. I think about my last semester in college pulling a 21 credit course load whenever I doubt that I can do something. Trust me it works every time.

4. Making decisions


If you can remember your successes and failures it can better inform your decisions in the future. If it didn't work out building a bench maybe you could start with a box and work your way up to bigger things.

5. Progress, progress, progress


Most likely we have grown from the people we used to be and looking back can help to remind us how far we have come. I used to get so down on myself about every little mistake and now I only sweat the big stuff. Mostly because adults don't got time for that.