5 Things I Learned Being On OSU's Campus In A Pandemic
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5 Hard Lessons I Learned In Less Than 24 Hours Of Being Back On Ohio State's Campus During A Pandemic

Being independent seemed more fun than it actually is.

5 Hard Lessons I Learned In Less Than 24 Hours Of Being Back On Ohio State's Campus During A Pandemic

Going back to school was supposed to be fun and a time for me to experience independence, but I learned the hard way that's just not the case.

The amount of people on campus just keeps getting bigger.


OSU is a big school, with a little over 50 thousand students living on campus. People are simultaneously getting food, walking around campus, or honestly doing whatever it is they want.

The past couple of days if not weeks have been eventful: people are still moving in, getting tested for COVID, setting up their iPads, and trying to get a feel for campus.

Nonetheless, the amount of people on campus just keeps getting bigger.

People aren't interested in social distancing.


If you walk through the oval, there are many clusters of people which I get. Many of our classes are online and meeting new people can be a bit of a challenge this semester, but having 20+ people standing in a small circle just seems a bit excessive given the times.

Even when going into the restaurants on campus, people aren't standing 6 feet apart.

Would I be surprised if we were going to be sent home? No, not really. It doesn't help that fraternities are having parties and hosting events.

I absolutely need to buy a lanyard.


In a span of 12 hours, I have been locked out of my room twice. Apparently, you're only allowed to lose your card 12 times a semester and after that, you have to pay $150.

As someone who loses things easily, it feels like a harsh punishment.

I definitely have to get a lanyard with a cardholder.

Getting food can be a hassle.


With the way things are set up this semester, getting food can seem to be a hassle.

Luckily OSU has partnered with GrubHub so you can order your food ahead of time and pick it up whenever it's ready.

At times, some restaurants can be busy so choosing to eat at unusual hours will definitely be helpful if you're in a rush or whatever.

Making friends is a matter of effort.


When people said that making friends was a matter of effort, they weren't lying. You literally have to go up to people and ask if they want to be friends. Luckily people are nice and some will even put in the effort to come speak to you first.

College is all about putting your self out of your comfort zone and being able to adapt to different settings. With that being said, campus is also really big, and getting lost can be annoying. Don't be afraid to ask for help or directions, because everyone is lost.

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