9 Concerts That We're Looking Forward To This Spring In Ohio
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9 Concerts That We're Looking Forward To This Spring In Ohio



It is officially spring and that means MORE CONCERTS. Here's a list of some that you won't want to miss!

Kelly Clarkson

Where: Cleveland (Quicken Loans Arena) and Cincinnati (U.S. Bank Arena)

When: March 21 (Cleveland) and March 23 (Cincinnati)

Who: The pop diva who sang bops such as "Breakaway," "Because of U," and "Since You Been Gone." She's won multiple music awards and basically shaped the childhood of most millennials.

How Much: $29-$149

Punch Brothers

Where: Columbus (Southern Theatre)

When: March 20

Who: A bluegrass quintet that has won a Grammy for their fifth album, "All Ashore."

How much: about $48

Jukebox the Ghost and The Mowgli's

Where: Columbus (New Port Music Hall)

When: March 23

Who: A band with a mix of pop and piano-rock. Their albums are lots of fun and typically pretty upbeat.

How Much: about $25

Tori Kelly

Where: Columbus (Express Live!)

When: March 29

Who: She was on American Idol, played Meena in "Sing" the movie, and has won two Grammy awards.

How Much: $31-$260


Where: Columbus (Schottenstein Center)

When: May 11

Who: With iconic songs like "So What," "Lady Marmalade," and "What About Us," P!nk is obviously a star. She's released seven albums since 2000 and has won 3 Grammy awards.

How Much: $98-$1000

The 1975

Where: Columbus (Express Live!)

When: May 14

Who: A pop-rock band from England with "dark and youthful" musical themes.

How Much: $60-$200

Betty Who

Where: Columbus (Newport Music Hall)

When: May 20

Who: Her song, "All Things," was the theme song for season 2 of Queer Eye. Her music is typically upbeat, joyous, and pop.

How Much: $37-$200

Hunter Hayes

Where: Cincinnati (Bogarts)

When: June 1

Who: A blond, heartthrob who sings country music and has won American Country Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and has been nominated multiple times for the Grammys.

How Much: $40-$250

Elle King

Where: Cincinnati (Bogarts)

When: April 29

Who: Singer of hit song "Ex's and Oh's," Elle King sings a mix of soul, pop, and blues music.

How Much: $40-$400

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