One thing I miss from high school is that the counselors made all our schedules for us. All we had to do was choose between a ceramics and painting class, and the counselors would work their magic.

Now, however, with the beauty of freedom college hands to us, also comes the curse of organization and decision-making. Last semester, I was late to my registration time and lost a handful of my classes because I was out getting chicken nuggets.

It’s war out there.

1. When it’s spring semester and registration has already opened for the fall:

Didn’t I ~just~ pick out this semester’s classes? How am I supposed to plan that far ahead?

2. When you get the absolute worst registration time:

It has happened to me two times so far, so hey, third time's the charm!

3. When your WiFi is lagging:

Gotta love the campus wifi!

4. When the two classes you need are at the same time:

Is it just me, or does it seem like almost every class is either at 11 or 1?

5. When the only open class is at 8 a.m.:

Who’s ready for coffee, naps, and going to class in pajamas?

6. When the registration website keeps glitching:

For the price of university, you’d think they’d make a better website.

7. When it feels like everybody wants to take the same classes as you:

How is it possible that all my top choices are full?

8. When everybody is getting the classes they want, except you:

How can you possibly be so organized? My schedule is a constant mess.

9. When, after waiting all day, it’s finally time to enroll:



10. When you click “Enroll” but your class is suddenly full:

Then you get wonderful spot #28 on the waiting list!

11. When you get a class you really wanted:

Maybe magic does exist.

12. When you pick random courses as placeholders until you figure your life out:

I actually really want to take a Women & Gender Studies class but they keep filling up :(

13. When everything gets overwhelming and your schedule is a complete mess:

This is the point where you close your laptop and say, “Screw it”.

14. When other people say they got all the classes they wanted:

Well, aren’t you lucky!

15. When you’re in one of those “Add/Drop/Swap” groups on Facebook and somebody offers up their spot in a class you want:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often.

16. When one of the classes you thought would be great turns out to be terrible:

Just when you thought you had the perfect schedule…

17. When, in the end, everything kinda works itself out:

Until next semester!