Poetry On Odyssey: Dear Genie

This is another one of my more fun poems that I have written. I enjoy writing light-hearted poems as well as meaningful poems. I'm just not as confident in my more meaningful prose and poetry yet.

I hope that you enjoy! It was lots of fun to write and edit. Hopefully, it inspires you to write one like it or at least makes you think about what you really wish for.

Dear Genie

I wish I could fly

I wish magic was real

I wish I didn't have to grow up

I wish all mosquitoes would die

I wish I could see the future

I wish I could dance

I wish I was famous

I wish there was world peace

I wish I could eat Doritos every day

I wish crime didn't exist

I wish I could marry a movie star

I wish I would fall in love

I wish I could act

I wish my dog hadn't died

I wish cancer didn't exist

I wish I had a new dog

I wish I would stop living in my dreams

I wish my wishes would come true

I wish everything was free

I wish I was in London

I wish it was springtime all the time

I wish I could physically live in my dreams

I wish I wasn't afraid of werewolves

I wish I could write better

I wish for 25 more wishes

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