Ode To Kate Mckinnon
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Ode To Kate Mckinnon

Because every day should be an ode to this perfect woman.

Ode To Kate Mckinnon
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My obsession with Kate McKinnon is real. Like, really real. It all started when my sister had me watch one of her Saturday Night Live sketches in which she plays a Russian woman named Olya Povlatsky on the Weekend Update. From that moment on, I was hooked. How hooked? I want to invite her to my sister's wedding , that's how hooked (still working on that, I haven't given up!).But the thing is, I find her underappreciated by all. So, I want to provide you with the information necessary to become obsessed with Kate McKinnon just like me!

Who is Kate McKinnon? -- Why I'm glad you asked! Kate is a born and raised New Yorker (Okay, not NYC but she is from New York state.) She attended (drumroll) Columbia University. Bonafide genius. And the first openly gay female "Saturday Night Live" cast member. AKA she's perfect. Still unsure? Well lucky for you I compiled here some of her best skits.

1. Fitzwilliam: "Big Gay Sketch Show"

Best Quote: "I've only got a few inches but they're making me positively miserable!"

2. Hillary Clinton: "Saturday Night Live" (one of many skits)

Best Quote: "That's cool. You know what else is cool? In two years I'll be 69. You like that? Bill told me to tell that to young males."

3. Justin Bieber: "Saturday Night Live"

Best Quote: "Are my musckles cute?"

4. Ellen DeGeneres: "Ellen DeGeneres"

Best Quote: "Me and my kitty-kitty-kitty cats"

5. Chandelier: "Saturday Night Live"

Best Quote: "What? No! I couldn't possibly. I haven't even seen the music video."

6. Billie Jean King: Saturday Night Live

(watch here )

Best Quote: "I'm President Obama's big, gay middle finger and this bird's about to get flipped."

7. Shud: "Saturday Night Live"

Best Quote: "And uh, here's a picture of my mom on her wedding day. Isn't she gorgeous?"

8. Olya Povlatsky: "Saturday Night Live"

(watch here )

Best Quote: "They try to make me go to rehab and I said "Is it warm?"

9. Close Encounters: "Saturday Night Live"

*Notice how Ryan Gosl-no-one- can keep their shit together.*

Best Quote: "I was full Porky Piggin' it in a drafty dome."

10. "Wishin' Boot," "First Got Horny 2 U," "Back Home Ballers:" Music Videos

No quotes, just know she's the star.

11. "Ghostbusters" -- Coming soon to a theater near you.

If this article hasn't convinced you of Kate's wondrous comedic ability, then you must not have a sense of humor. She's everything young girls should hope to grow up to be. Confident of who they are, not afraid to make fun of themselves, and refreshingly unfiltered. She's not afraid to make the hard calls and bring humor to the most serious of situations. Because in this day and age, we truly need some comedic relief for the tragedies we face.

Go forth and be yourself.

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