An Ode To Chicago Cubs Fans, Now And Forever
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An Ode To Chicago Cubs Fans, Now And Forever


An Ode To Chicago Cubs Fans, Now And Forever

Chicago Cubs fans are a different kind of special. Cubs fans choose their side of baseball in Chicago but still (for the most part) have respect for our neighbors to the south, the Chicago White Sox. Given that, Cubs fans have class, not only respecting other teams (again, for the most part) but also applauding their players who have moved on from the Cubs that made history once for the team.

If you don't believe me, watch the video clip of Cubs fans applauding Jake Arrieta.

Cubs fans have so much class that they do not immediately hate the bandwagon fans of 2016 — as long as they stay a fan, because any fan of the Cubs is a friend of theirs.

Cubs fans worship Wrigley Field. Wrigley is a second home, a staple, a landmark of Chicago sports. The old-style feel of the large stadium is one unlike any other, and the ivy rule can be a blessing and a curse that all fans can't help but appreciate. Cubs fans love Wrigley and the history but also appreciate Wrigleyville immensely. From the old pubs, sports bars (Sluggers anyone?), and new restaurants, there is always something to do while waiting for a game, celebrating a win, or just appreciating the area.

Cubs fans eat up the slogans and traditions that have been going on for years. Almost every fan probably has at least one white flag with a blue "W" on it somewhere at home, and every fan knows what that flag means. It means the Cubs won their game and flying the flag after a win has been a tradition for years. Everyone knows what "Fly the W," "Try Not to Suck," and "Bryzzo" stand for. They also love to support their team by wearing their logo and flashing that Cubby blue around town.

The best part about Cubs fans is their loyalty. They have stuck around forever through the billy goat curse and stood their own through good times and bad, and many tears were shed in fall of 2016 when the Cubs finally won the World Series. Their loyalty shines by accepting young new fans into the Cubs family by dumping the history of Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and other greats as well as giving open arms into the amazing fan base. I am proud to be a Cubs fan and thank you to the generations before me for making this team's fan base so great.

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