2016 was full of ups, downs and obsessions.

1. Flipping water bottles

Easily the biggest trend of 2016.

2. The election

From Malania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech, to Trump and Obama memes, and America splitting in half fighting about who they think should win, this years election was the most controversial by far.

3. Saving Betty White

Most recently, after all the celebrity deaths people wanted to do anything in their power to save her.

4. Inner Kermit

5. Harley Quinn

This years big Halloween costume.

6. Stranger Things

7. The Olympics In Rio

The Final Five, Michael Phelps final year, Katie Ledecky, and all the fear of going to Rio.

8. Becky with the good hair


9. Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars Superbowl Preformance

10. Making a Murderer

11. Harambe


12. Grease: Live

13. Ellen Degeneres winning the Medal of Freedom

Watching her receive the reward is the best thing ever.

14. Pokemon Go!

15. Hiddleswift

From the start to the breakup, we were all obsessed.

16. Saving Marina Joyce

Were we overreading the situation or was something actually happening?

17. Leonardo Dicaprio winning an Oscar

18. Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery

And her end to social media.

19. McDonalds all day breakfast

20. #FreeKe$ha

21. Damn Daniel

22. The grandkids not eating burgers with Papaw

23. Chewbaca mom

24. Kanye vs. Taylor


25. Virtual reality

This was the Christmas present every young adult wanted.

26. Closer by the Chainsmokers

Song of the year!

27. The Mannequin Challenge

Even Hillary Clinton did it!

28. Channing Tatum vs. Jenna Dewan Tatum

The best lip sync battle ever!!

29. Drake and Rihanna

We always wanted them to be together, and they did!! But now they're unfortunately over.

30. Brandelina's divorce

31. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting back together

The greatest couple of all time.

32. American Idol ending

Lets be honest, it was never the same after Simon, Paula and Randy left but we were still sad.

33. Joe Biden memes

34. Fuller House

35. Selena Gomez vs. Justin Bieber

Once a beloved couple, now complete enemies.

36. Hatchimals

The Christmas gift every kid wanted, that ended in some very disappointed.

37. Grace Vanderwaal

She's 12 and not only won America's Got Talent but she won America's heart.

38. The Condom Challenge

Honestly why was this a thing?