Why Nurses Are Truly Angels On Earth

Why Nurses Are Truly Angels On Earth

Nurses have to have it all.

I believe that nurses are truly angels on Earth. Nurses dedicate their working lives to helping heal those who are sick and injured. I think that we have all seen the hard work of a nurse first hand, whether that be in a hospital, a doctor's office or a nursing home. Being a nurse is more than just a job; it is a service to those in need and I think that it would always be a rewarding experience.

In my opinion, nurses are some of the most hard-working professionals out there. They often work long shifts on their feet, sometimes having to lift people in their beds to adjust them, help people up who have fallen and use their heavy lifting skills in other various situations. Because of the physically straining work that they perform throughout their careers, sometimes nurses retire with physical health problems of their own. Nurses also have to be quick in whatever they do because there is always another patient waiting who needs medication, water, or help getting to the bathroom. The mental capacity and memory of a nurse is outstanding too. I know this because I used to volunteer at a hospital, and I remember patients asking for water or a snack and me having to check in with their assigned nurse if that was okay. This is because each patient has their own dietary needs and restrictions, and all of the nurses had the restrictions down pat for each patient they had. Memorizing these restrictions was an impressive feat, because there are so many varying specifics for each patient, and remembering something like this falsely could make the patient ill.

Nurses have a very mentally straining job too. They have to be compassionate and patient with each of their patients, even when it is hardest. It doesn't matter if the nurse is having a bad day, because when they walk into the patients room, they have to smile and cater to all of the patients needs. When someone is in the hospital, they can be in pain, scared, tired and anxious and nurses have to try and calm their nerves and make the patients trust they they are in good hands. Since hospitals are full of sick and injured people, whose lives are changing in front of their own eyes, the situations that nurses deal with can be so heartbreaking, yet they have to keep their composure and be the strong rock for the patient and their family. Many of us will cry during a sad movie, when one of the characters gets cancer, or dies a fatal accident. Now imagine dealing with these movie characters as real live people everyday at work. It must be exhausting.

Next time you see a nurse in whatever medical setting it may be, think about how much work they have to do and the pressure that is on them to do it. Appreciate the work that they have dedicated their lives to doing.

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I plan on going to graduate school - I've known that since I first started college. What I didn't know is that I wouldn't be applying to grad schools that focus on my major, but rather my minor.

I've known since I was in sixth grade that I wanted to do something with books as a career. Writing them is difficult, but I think an editor's job is much more difficult. If I had listened to my heart, and not anyone else's opinion, I might be halfway through writing a novel.

Everyone stresses how important it is to do what you love, but then they also say you need to make money in order to support yourself. They backtrack. You shouldn't.

I don't think money is everything. Sure, it's nice, but doing something you love is 1,000 times more fulfilling. I would gladly live in a rat-infested apartment as long as I was doing what I loved.

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