We live in a society that is constantly trying to define who we are by numbers...it is time to take a stand and change this. It is easy to get caught up in numbers, as they tend to dictate everything we do. We work ourselves to the bone just to achieve a paycheck, in order to increase our economic status and seem more ravishing. We bend over backward trying to spend the money we make on clothes to impress others. We starve ourselves or workout to the point of fatigue to fit our society's ideal image of beauty. We study for hours on end and give up our social lives to remain at the top of the class so we can mesmerize loved ones with the amount of hard work we put into our education.

When did appearances, grade point averages, ranks, and status become more important than the person underneath it all?

We're bigger than numbers. We're infinite. And every individual person, including yourself, is so much more than just numbers.

Recently, numbers have become a way to measure success, maturity, beauty, intelligence and so much more. But why should you let some measly numbers sculpt the way you live your life? Our society places so much attention on a way to measure everyone in relation to others, in that everything is standardized, from weight to test scores. At a young age, it has been drilled into our heads: be number one, be the best. However, that should not be the case; performing to the best of your abilities is much more important than being better than the next person. Yes, there "needs" to be a way to compare people, but that way should not be the sole factor in determining what college people get into or what lifestyle they lead. Numbers provide people with either a false sense of superiority or inferiority. A six-figure salary does not give you a reason to treat anyone poorly. A salary doesn't show the numerous hurdles you had to overcome to get to where you are. You are not any less intelligent than the classmate who scored higher than you on the math test or any less appreciated than the girl who has three thousand followers on Instagram. Your personality and the way you treat others define you in ways that numbers never will because ultimately, the people who truly matter, love you, and stay in your life do not stay with you for your waist size or your paycheck. You are the love and support you give to your friends, the decisions you make, the events you experience, and how you overcome the hurdles, not a number. Your individualism is something that should be cherished, and you should not hide pieces of yourself in order to fit into society's mold.

When you look back on your life one day, you will not remember what you scored on the SAT or your weight as a teen; instead, you reminisce on the relationships you have built, the concerts you have been to and the causes you have fought for because that is greater than any numerical value .Who you are is defined by what you do, not the value associated with it. We count calories, minutes, pairs of jeans, and awards, but if you notice, we never count the things that truly matter. We don't count up the family members that are dear to our hearts. We don't count the amount of times we laugh or smile. We don't count the amount of times that nature has taken our breath away. We don't count a lot of things, because it would seem silly. So if we don't count the important things, why do put so much focus on numbers in other areas? Although it is important and necessary to strive for greatness, we don't suddenly become failures if we fall short, because passion,and dedication can't be measured with numbers. They can barely be described in words. Numbers don't define who you are. Your GPA does not define your intelligence; your age does not define your maturity; your weight does not define your beauty.

Your worth is so much more than what can be put into numbers.