This Is Love

Gentle and howling winds blow outside the windowpane.

I think about is His pain.

Dead leaves fly back and forth crossing the center of my view,

I start to comprehend another world, changing my current mood.

I was driving home the other day,

Cars jetting fast in every way.

I was looking through my window glass,

Seeing drops of rain starting to move past.

My heart grew cold at the words my teacher mused,

“If there is a God,” he said, “He probably used-

All patience he has had for me."

I knew that he just didn’t understand the truth -

That God is one of love, not one of abuse.

The rain kept pouring,

My heart starting worrying.

Maybe there is no God, I thought.

The thought flickered till doused by rain.

The thought had no room to remain.

I have no doubt

That there must be a God.

The thoughts raced back and forth.

How can I prove how much my God is worth?

The image of the cross came my way

As I started to understand a true sacrificial pain.

This undeniably real image crossed my mind

An image so real, you can never find

Unless you look deep, deep inside.

I began to cry as I comprehended within my heart the pain of nail pierced hands.

He was blameless and beautiful, perfect in mankind.

Yet he was slaughtered with heavy stones

Never once letting his divine power be known.

The most precious and unearthly thought crossed my mind:

This thought made what He did come alive.

The thought of losing me was more painful.

More painful than the thorns piercing into His skull,

More painful than the nails jabbed deeply in His fleshy hands and feet,

More painful than hanging naked and blameless in a tree, feeling the separation between Him and God.

How could anything be more painful than feeling the weight of every human’s sin separating one from God?

How could the thought of losing me, be more painful than naked and unjust persecution?

This is love.

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