You Better Keep Weapons Away From My School District

I don’t usually tangle myself with politics. I’m fully aware of the path our government is taking and how most people have, just about, no hope in the future of our country. I have just as much concern and think about it as much as the next guy but I don’t really make a point to express it religiously.

But there’s something that was brought up that made me feel like I had to write this.

Giving teachers access to guns in the classroom.

It’s meant so that if any more shooters come around, the teachers could “defend” their classroom and students before another mass shooting takes place. But, what does that really solve? A kill for a kill? In theory, it does seem like the best bet to try and keep schools safe, but having a gun in a classroom, no matter if it’s “concealed”, no matter who’s handling it, is still a cause for disaster.

I grew up in an average, everyday school district. I’m proud of my schools and where I came from. Although I didn’t have the easiest and happiest time here and there, and my high school had some shady, sketchy things going on, I came out of it fine and well (and well educated). The thought of any of my past teachers handling a gun is ludicrous. It’s naturally for anyone to feel that way about their teachers. As children, we grew up under these adults, who gave nothing the but best education they could give out. Teachers have a lot of influence over young students, as much as parents do. They’re second to parents, as the most frequent adult kids see in their lives. We prospered as students because of teachers.

As days pass after another shooting, I found news articles that describe teachers being persuaded by the change and suddenly acquiring guns in their arsenal. That uneases me just a bit. You can bet nowhere in their training to be a teacher is there any seminar about how to handle a gun. Teachers aren’t going to magically be okay with and comfortable with a gun in their hands. Although I haven’t actually reached out to any of my old teachers and discussed this in conversation, I have a feeling they wouldn’t be supportive of this. And what if, sometimes, a teacher forgets because they’re too busy with handling children that the gun could be in reach of a student? Anyone from a kindergartener to a college student could be seen holding a gun. A. Kindergartener.

In my old high school, there has been some sketchy things happening. But never was there anything like a shooting incident. And I have strong doubts that there never will be in the coming future, nor for the any other schools in the district as well.

Although I don’t show it, I really am proud of my schools and I appreciate all the time I spent there and the teachers I’ve had. They’ve helped shape me into the person I am and they inspire me to get better every day.

For governments and schools readily allowing their teachers to be armed with guns, unfortunately, there’s not much I really can do to stop you. I’m not a politician and I’m not registered to vote where you are. But do not come near my district.

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