9 Reasons There Really Is No Place Like Home

9 Reasons There Really Is No Place Like Home

The place where you can get away with doing nothing.


Everyone can say they love home, but it's not until we actually leave that we realize just how much. When at home, you have your own bedroom, bathroom, and parents who love to cook all your favorite meals, plus they do your laundry. You also get to see the siblings and family you have missed while being away.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of college, but there really is nothing quite like a home visit for a few days.

When you are at college, and aren’t always at home, going home almost seems like a nice little getaway. Getting a weekend off from the craziness of school is the best. I never thought I would think this but getting to come home for a weekend is always something I look forward to.

Here are some perks of being at home:

1.Watching all your favorite TV shows you’ve missed while being busy at school.

2. Never leaving your couch.

3.Hanging out with the friends and family you have missed while being gone.

4. Avoiding all responsibilities.

5. Having your dad cook for you.

6. Going shopping at all your favorite stores with your mom.

7. Sleeping in as late as you possibly can and not feeling bad for it.

8. Staying in your pj's all day.

9. Not feeling like you have to try to impress anybody.

This is why people say there is no place like home. Home is the place where you feel most comfortable. Where you are with people who will do anything for you because you aren’t there all the time. Being at home is truly the greatest!

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