To my sorority sisters' boyfriends,

Congratulations, you are now part of the family. You are no longer just "some guys" our girls have been seeing, but you are now part of something a little bigger. We mean no harm, and we don't mean to overwhelm you, either.

This isn't going to be a threatening letter, where we sassily tell you that we will always come first and that we have no problem hurting you if you hurt her (which, I mean, isn't completely inaccurate, but you get the point).

We are so happy you came into our sisters' lives. You make them all so happy (most of the time) and we could not appreciate that more. We know that there is more to life than our friends and sisterhood. We all are waiting for that special guy to come into our lives, and we are excited to see that you are making such a positive impact on the people we care about so much.

We look at you as extensions of our family, in a way. Our girls love you and think of you highly, so we vow to do the same. We may not always like you, but we will always respect you and understand that you hold such a special place in our sisters' hearts.

We have a lot in common. You like them, we like them; we're off to a good start. We are adults now. We are past the point of getting upset that our friends have significant others. We are happy that they are happy, and we thank you for contributing to that.

We'd like to welcome you into your special role within our sisterhood, and we're as excited to share memories with you as much as with our sisters.

(Also, if you have any buddies available for date party coming up, feel free to give them the information.)