Fall is upon us. That means pumpkin patches, cold weather, changing leaves, and of course, football season. I am a college student and I love college football. Professional football, not so much.

I didn't always use to be like this. I used to be a hardcore NFL fan.

My dad had season tickets with his buddies. He always tried to take me at least one game during the season. When I got old enough, he would bring me along to tailgate and grill burgers on a random parking lot. His friends would talk about the game. I loved the experience. How close we were to the field, the atmosphere, and the food of course.

My dad had season tickets to the St. Louis Rams. Yep, remember that name? In 2000, the Rams won the Super Bowl. They called it the "Greatest Show on Turf." Fast forward to 2015. I was sitting the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis with my dad and his best friends. They had some idea that this may be the last year that the Rams would be in St. Louis. Their lease was up and Stan Kroenke had the dollar sign in his eyes. He wanted to head back to LA for another chance at glory. At the beginning of 2016, St. Louis had a plan for a new stadium and they pitched it well. However, Mr. Kronke had his own plans for a bigger and better stadium in LA. On that late January evening, the NFL owners voted 31-2 to move the Rams to LA. To my disappointment, the Rams were officially gone.

Now, our track record with the NFL has not been great since then. Kroenke and the commissioner wasted millions of dollars telling St. Louis that they had a chance and that they should propose their best offer. They knew right well that they would never vote for that stadium. They are both money driven. To be honest, the whole organization is. The billionaires who own these teams only look out for themselves. What city can get me the most money? Since the franchise moved to LA, the City of St. Louis has made a public statement that they will not be welcoming another NFL team into the city for a very long time.

Now, this whole article isn't me being bitter about the Rams. It is about everything the NFL is today. After the recent kneeling controversy surrounding the NFL, the organization really hasn't done anything to curb all this controversy. There PR team could do so much better (I am speaking because I am in fact a PR major). For goodness sakes, the President is getting involved! The NFL has turned more political than a sport.

Speaking of the sport, it is really dangerous. I know that hasn't ever stopped anyone but it is. Concussions are a serious issue and looking after a players health should be the number one priority. It is a brutal sport. Period.

Viewership has been down since 2016. I know St. Louis fans attribute that to them but it has been dwindling for years. After talking about concussions and the risks that have been revealed about this American sport, it is losing its popularity.

My Sundays have become less about football and more about naps and homework. Is that because I have grown up? Possibly. But my interest in the NFL is not there like it used to. There is more drama in the sport than me hearing about the game being played. I do not miss you NFL. College football will curb that craving.