I have heard it all: "Kids will love you," or, "It's your legacy," even, "What about the tax refund?"

Not a single thing will change my mind and make me want to have children.

I was never the little girl who played with baby dolls or tried to dress up like a mom, the closest I got was wanting baby animals. I have only ever had the thought of children go through my head when I was in relationships where I felt forced to say that maybe, possibly one day it may be a reality. Other than that I am so content with never having a child.

Almost everyone I meet says the same things to me when I say this. "Why wouldn't you have children?" or my personal favorite, "You'll change your mind." No, I won't, but hey, thanks for insulting me by basically saying my body is only for babies.

Just because I'm a female of child-bearing age does not mean I would ever subject myself to what I consider to be a lifelong burden. People will actually just assume that all women are baby crazy and without even asking if I even want children they ask how many I want or what I'll name them.

I've been told by countless boys, "Our children would be perfect!" or "What should we name our first son?" You can name your beautiful children whatever you want to, but as for me, I'm good.

A lot of people also feel like they should tell me all the reasons I need to have kids and have absolutely no reply when I tell them why I shouldn't. Anxiety and depression run in my family so more than likely I would pass that to my child, they're a huge financial burden that I don't want to ever deal with, there's a chance the kid is a terrible person, the list goes on and on.

So enjoy your possibly lovely children, and I'll enjoy being rich with no responsibilities. I will never try to change your mind about procreating so do not even start to try with me.