4 Signs You're Not So Junior Anymore

4 Signs You're Not So Junior Anymore

Being an upperclassman feels too good

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Junior year. 2 years of college under the belt, but something feels extra different about this one. As a few weeks of classes have rolled by, I've noticed being an upperclassman really lives up to its name. This year has been a mix of recognizing getting older but also recognizing that it feels great. So through some of my experiences and feelings this year so far, here are a few things that junior year has left me feeling.

1. Aging

Maybe it's because of the intimidating and hierarchal status of being an upperclassman, but damn do I feel old. The little I walk around on campus I feel as if the gap between the years is so much greater. I see little baby face freshman, who look like they should still be in high school--yet that was only my friends and me two years ago. I am able to pick freshman out of the masses way too easily nowadays.

2. Chilling out

I seem to be having less energy wanting to get up and go out. I have become much more happy with going to the bar for some food and drinks, seeing a band or simply just watching a bunch of documentaries. My friends and I have no urge to put on zero clothes and pound down liquor for a frat party. However, this whole being a junior thing has made it easier going sober places. I’ve gotten past the whole, “I gotta be drunk to be around these people” thing. You wanna be surrounded by people you know, instead of a scene where your only similarity is being drunk. This year has only made that realization clearer.

3. Enjoying class

This one makes sense -- hopefully. Although school is still school, if your major is actually what you enjoy, then damn you are all set. After switching my major to SMAD and declaring a minor, I sit in class and don’t feel the need to become distracted. Instead of being surrounded by a miserable vibe in Showker with the business kids, I have more willpower to wake up my 8am and be pumped. And we might as well be sucking out everything we can these four years because undergraduate school isn’t coming around again.

4. Living off campus as much as possible.

I have very little ties to JMU, besides paying my tuition. I have no meal plan, I live in a house, I don’t have a parking pass, and I go downtown to study. My life has become more separated from campus life. No more dorm rooms or 24-hour study sessions in Carrier. However, self-control to not spend loads of money is an issue. Having a car is a blessing but also an easy excuse to just get up or get ice cream, cook out or buy some random thing at Walmart. Having to make grown up decisions being on your own is definitely making me feel older.

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