If Vaping Is Dying, Smoking Should Die Too
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If Vaping Is Dying, Smoking Should Die Too

E-cigarettes and cigarettes serve the same purpose, why should their outcome be a surprise?

If Vaping Is Dying, Smoking Should Die Too

When vaping was new, it became a fad in a relatively short amount of time. People began vaping because their friends were vaping; believing that it was really is safer than cigarettes, or just for fun. Vaping has been popular for years, and as smaller mods that require more concentrated juices were created, it became even more popular. E-cigarettes are so addictive not only because of their nicotine content but also because they are so convenient. It's easy to carry around and use almost anywhere, which is likely one reason why the e-cigarette business is booming.

Some people believe vaping is safer than smoking, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily true. The juice used in e-cigarettes is made of chemicals like vegetable glycerin and diacetyl. When e-cigarettes are used excessively, the chemicals begin to stick to the airways and is likely to cause phlegm build-up. Chemicals like diacetyl cause lung illnesses like popcorn lung, but isn't common in vape juice. As of recently, there have been reports of deaths due to vaping. At first, it was just one person but since that first death, the number has reached thirty-three people. As the number of casualties began to increase, there have been laws being passed to inhibit vaping. Some laws are targeting ages where the legal selling age is 21 years old instead of 18. Other laws are targeting the e-cigarette audience by taking away certain flavors because they seem to target younger teenagers. Since the dangers of vaping are increasing, more people are trying to quit before something happens to them. Of course, it makes sense why people are worried about their health. A seemingly harmless thing is now tainted with the ill truth. However, when I hear about the problems and solutions involving e-cigarettes, I can't help but wonder why the same urgency isn't given to smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes have been around much longer than E-cigarettes have, which may be one reason why people aren't as worried about them. Although there is a stigma around smoking, there was not much of a heavy pressure to quit smoking and since more people picked up the habit, it became normalized. We know that smoking leads to various types of cancer and likely shortens lifespan, so why would the use of e-cigarettes not have a similar effect? We knew what the outcome of vaping would be, we just didn't want to believe it. Thus, there should have been more of a push to reduce smoking in the first place. E-cigarettes followed a similar path as cigarettes did and although it is likely that neither will completely vanish, the use can at least be reduced. Through education and determination, the world can be a healthier place.

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