During the end of the school year, it is normal for us all to run around like crazy people and struggle to find internships or jobs for the upcoming summer. Some of us may have even gone through what seemed like endless interview processes just for a summer co-op. Now summer is here, and we are hearing back from all the companies and organizations we have spent months of our time devoting ourselves to to get a job. As for me, I didn't get my internship like I'm sure many others didn't. But I'm here to tell you that that's OK!

For many of us, maybe it was our first job we applied to that involves our major. It gets complicated when companies want you to have experience, but you can't do that until you work somewhere. How are you supposed to be able to work if they don't hire you for not having experience? Other companies strictly hire people who know people in the company. I know people in one company but still was not hired by them. They only want people who know the big dogs.

This leaves most of us hanging. We come into summer without jobs and our parents are frustrated, but not as frustrated as us. They didn't go through numerous interviews while taking exams or working on papers. Regardless, of everything we went to that led to rejections, we can only be stronger now. We know what we need to work on for next time and change so we can ensure success. We won't know success until we experience failure. It's okay to not have a job right now. It's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean your major is wrong for you. It's just not your time yet!

Enjoy your summer. While everyone is working 9-5 you can relax outside by the pool or hang with your friends. You can work at the local ice cream shop or grocery store to earn some income. There are so many ways to go about your summer and make it yours even though you don't have a job.

We have our whole life ahead of us. One summer with no job isn't going to ruin us. It's practice until we can make it perfect. It's allowing us to still be young and make the most of our time without draining jobs last. Maybe it's secretly a good thing. Don't let it ruin your summer and get you down. You have the fall for an internship. You have the rest of your life for a job. Enjoy your free time.