Life as a kid was so easy. We had nothing to worry about. Everything was smooth sailing. We could be as mischievous as we wanted and there was no stress other than thinking about what to play next. During our time as a kid, there were several things that shaped our individual childhoods but there are some things that we can all relate to. Hopefully, you can relate to the following points and take a trip down memory lane with me

1.Webkins. I had so many in my room.

These fluffy buddies were always by my side through thick and thin.

2. Silly Bandz.

I had all shapes, colors, and sizes! I would wear all of them to school everyday.

3. Gameboy.

Mine was pink and I loved it.

4. That's So Raven. Zack and Cody. Drake and Josh. 



5. Water ring handheld game.

The iPhone during my childhood.

6. Lizzy McGuire. 


No words can describe this show. It was truly exceptional.

7. Bratz Dolls.

Bratz were like the funky version of Barbie. So trendy.

8. LipSmackers.

My favorite flavors were Coca Cola and Sprite.

9. Heelys shoes.

These shoes were like your gateway into becoming cool until they got banned in schools.

10. ipod Nano and iPod classic.

The good days where you had no touch screens and everything was small.

In a world now filled with craziness, I hope you found it nice to reminisce the past.