10 Nostalgic Apps From The 2000s
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10 Nostalgic Apps From The 2000s

Yet somehow, Facebook is the only one that survived.

Young women enjoy CamWow, nostalgic app from the 2000s
Kaylee Smith

If you were anything like me, you had an iPod touch somewhere between the years of 2009-2012. The apps we had on our iPod back then were vastly different from the ones we have now. Here are some nostalgic apps that you likely had in the 2000's,

1. CamWow

Nostalgic app CamWow


Snapchat was definitely not the first app to institute photo apps that allowed for silly filters.

2. Temple Run

2000s app Temple Run


The most nerve-wracking thing about Temple Run was when you'd trip and the gorillas would catch up to you for a few seconds.

3. Kik

Nostalgic app Kik


Little did we know this would birth the "You got kik?" meme.

4. Keek

2000s app Keek


Keek was for short videos that many youtubers would use.

5. Omegle

Nostalgic app Omegle


Although this isn't necessarily an app (and if it is that's sad) where you could videochat with online strangers, and for some reason was always on the to-do list at sleepovers.

6. Talking Tom

2000s app Talking Tom


Nothing was scarier than bonding with Tom for a few months just for a rumor to surface that Tom was recording you the whole time.

7. Ghost Detector

Nostalgic app Ghost Detector


Back in the day, people would do Bloody Mary in the bathroom to get spooked. In our sleepover days, we had our device to detect ghosts to spook us.

8. Vine

2000s app Vine


Is it mean to hope that kids today get Tik Tok taken away from them so they can feel what we felt when Vine no longer existed?

9. Dog Whistles

Nostalgic app Dog Whistles


It was also funny (or pure boredom) playing a frequency so high you can hear it but not your parents.

10. Draw Something

2000s app Draw Something


For those who us who aren't good artists, this game was an automatic loss for us.

I wonder if in 10 years we will look back and think "Ha! Who used Twitter besides Donald Trump ?"

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