9 Apps From Your Childhood That You Need To Re-Download During Quarantine
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9 Apps From Your Childhood That You Need To Re-Download During Quarantine

If you're looking for mindless ways to pass your long quarantine days, take a trip down memory lane and play some of your favorite childhood iPhone games; there are nine suggestions to get you started down below :)

9 Apps From Your Childhood That You Need To Re-Download During Quarantine
Sophia Pedro

I don't know about you guys but school work can only keep me busy for so long. In the past couple of weeks, I have found myself going back to my roots, downloading the games I played as a youngster and encouraging my friends to do the same. The following 9 games are the ones I felt would be the most nostalgic for you all and were for myself. I hope these games can occupy a few more empty hours of your long quarantine days. Happy playing!

Fruit Ninja

Sophia Pedro

Fruit Ninja has to be one of the most iconic games on the App Store. I can remember the feeling so vividly of getting enough star fruit to buy the newest blade; ah the simpler days. This was one of the first games I re-downloaded when quarantine started and I play it almost every day (tip: sorry I gotta be a nerd for a second, but it's way better on an iPad or a bigger screen, the graphics are amazing!).

Jetpack Joyride

Sophia Pedro

I'm pretty sure if I were to look at my screen time for the end of this week I will have spent at least 15 hours on this game. There is something so exhilarating about the speed of this game and seeing those rainbow boosters pop up when you are going so fast and fearing for your life. A sigh of relief washes over you knowing you are safe for another couple hundred meters. Oh, how I wish my only problems in the world only consisted of deciding which jetpack to buy next or how I want to strategically spend my coins.

Doodle Jump

Sophia Pedro

Doodle Jump is definitely the most nostalgic game for me. I can still remember nagging my parents every day to use their phones to play Doodle Jump. Now that I think about it, it's really such a simple game but so enthralling to my child-like mind. Although, it can also be one of the most frustrating games to play. You have traveled so far and overcome so many obstacles, only to fall to your death because you missed a moving platform by a millimeter :/

Cut the Rope

Sophia Pedro

Cut the Rope definitely tops the list as my most played game as a kid. I always thought I was so strategic and smart every time I beat a level, until this morning when I realized it is for ages four and up. Nevertheless, to this day a rush of excitement still passes through me every time that fake piece of candy drops into Om Nom's mouth. The satisfaction, the excitement, the thrill never gets old.

Subway Surfers

Sophia Pedro

I think Subway Surfers was one of those games that topped the charts on the App Store for an extremely long time. I'm not really one to keep games on my phone for very long, but I think I had this game on my iPod Touch for over a year. The creators of the game were constantly coming up with new cities to put the game in to keep players on their toes. I remember it was all the rage at elementary school when everyone was anxiously waiting for the bell to ring at the end of the day so they could play the new city on their parents' phones. Sometimes I wish this was still the life that I lead and there isn't a global pandemic going on--although it did lead me back to this game, so that's something.

Candy Crush

Sophia Pedro

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a candy crush fanatic. My obsession started at level 1 at the end of senior year of high school. Any current or previous high school seniors know that the last weeks of school leading up to graduation are basically a joke; this is when I took up Candy Crush. I am currently on level 1630 and do not plan on stopping until I beat the game (for reference, and not to flex, I am the 6th best player in the world). So who is going to make use of this quarantine to try and catch up to me??

Draw Something

Sophia Pedro

In my opinion, Draw Something is kind of a "sleeper". Not a lot of people remember it or played it often, but the people who did were absolutely obsessed; I know I was and still am. In my opinion, this game isn't as fun if you're just playing with strangers all the time, so I have gotten about six of my friends hooked on it as well. Sign the petition, start a game with me at sophiap911, and join the movement to jumpstart Draw Something once again!

Temple Run

Sophia Pedro

Similar to Subway Surfers, Temple Run definitely topped the App Store charts for quite a while. I always remembered my emotions being completely awry while playing this game. One minute my adrenaline was high as I was about to beat my high score, and the next I was slamming my head against a pillow because I ran into a freaking tree root; the thought of my death not even being worthy, but because of a stupid tree root, was gut-wrenching to an eight-year-old me.

Plants vs. Zombies

Sophia Pedro

I personally wasn't the biggest Plants vs. Zombies player, but when I asked my friends for ideas for this article, many of them said Plants vs. Zombies. In my tomboy days, I was more of a Clash of Clans kind of gal (which you should also re-download if you played), but this is a great throw-back if you're feeling like COVID-19 is in fact the apocalypse and you are completely unprepared.

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