Northern Nigeria's Forgotten Attractions
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Northern Nigeria's Forgotten Attractions

Northern Nigeria is home to a variety of attractions ranging from unique geographical features to festivals and cultural preservations. It's time to revive northern Nigeria's tourism sector.

Northern Nigeria's Forgotten Attractions

In Nigeria, tourism is one sector that has continuously been neglected by the federal government over the years. Northern Nigeria, in particular, with all of the current unrest within its states, harbors little or no hope of reviving her once thriving tourism sector. As a result, many of the tourist attractions that exist within northern Nigeria have gradually been forgotten. Nevertheless, these destinations remain exceptionally beautiful and intriguing. So the next time you feel like embarking on an interesting adventure, you might want to check out some of these places in northern Nigeria.

1. Abuja (The Federal Capital territory)

Aso Rock: This rock is the largest rock within the city. The view from the rock overlooks the Presidential Villa. The Aso Park and Aso Zoo are located beside the rock.

2. Adamawa State

Mandara Mountains: These mountains lie along the Nigerian-Cameroonian border in Adamawa state. The mountains are very ideal for rock climbing.

3. Bauchi State

Yankari National Park: This park is easily one of the most successful wildlife parks in Nigeria. There is a camp where visitors lodge and from which safari trips depart. The park also has a variety of plant life.

Wikki Warm Springs: This is located in the Yankari National Park. The spring is well known for its warm water, which is constantly at a temperature of 51 degrees celsius.

4. Benue State

Ikyogen Hills: The weather condition here supports an evergreen vegetation which is good for the cattle that graze around the area. There is a cattle ranch at the base.

5. Borno State

The Durbar: This is a series of festivals that involves the display of royal horsemanship. The horsemen are led by the Shehu (traditional ruler), accompanied by trumpeters and dancers.

6. Gombe State

Bima Hills: These hills rise above the town of Kalo in Gombe state to form a vast mass of highlands with sparse vegetation.

7. Jigawa State

Birnin Kudu Rock Painting: These rocks in Birnin Kudu are covered with ancient paintings that depict the lifestyles of early settlers.

8. Kaduna State

The Ancient Nok Culture: In Jabi local government area of the state, there are granary remains that confirm the existence of the Nok settlement. “Nok Terracotta,” the first terracotta figurine was found within this settlement, thus giving rise to the Nok culture, which is over 2500 years old.

Queen Amina of Zaria’s Kingdom: Queen Amina was a 15th century warrior princess who eventually became queen of Turunku in Zaria, Kaduna.

9. Kano State

Kano City Wall: The earthen wall was built in the 14th century.

10. Katsina State

Emirs’ Palaces in Katsina and Daura: These palaces depict early 19th century northern Nigerian traditional architecture.

11. Kebbi State

Argungu International Fishing Festival: During this festival, thousands of fishermen line up, and at the sound of a gun, rush into the water with their fishing gear. They have one hour to catch the biggest fish. There are also musical performances and sporting activities during the festival. Most of the fish caught is put up for sale.

12. Kogi State

The Confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue: The two rivers, Niger and Benue, are the two largest rivers in West Africa. Both rivers meet in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi. There are also ferry services to take tourists around the confluence area.

13. Kwara State

Owu Water Falls: This is one of the highest waterfalls in West Africa. Its height is about 120 meters.

14. Nassarawa State

Farin Ruwa Water Fall: This waterfall is regarded as the beauty of tourism in Nassarawa.

15. Niger State

Zuma Rock: The natives of Gwari, where this rock is located believe that the rock possesses certain powers that, in the past, rendered their enemies powerless whenever they tried to attack the natives. Depending on the direction from which one views the rock, one sees a different image carved into the rock.

Gurara Waterfalls: This is probably the prettiest waterfall in Nigeria. The main Gurara river divides into small streams that eventually converge at the top of the cliff to form the sparkling waterfall.

16. Plateau State

Riyom Rock Formation: This is one of the most spectacular and uncommon rock formations in Nigeria.

Shere Hills: This is one of the state’s highest peaks with interesting geographical features. There are camping grounds for lovers of adventure and mountain climbers. The Citizenship and Leadership Training Center has its camp at the base of the hills.

Wase Rock: This inselberg rises about 250 feet above the level grounds of Wase town.

Kurang Volcanic Mountain: There are natural springs located on this mountain, where the popular SWAN bottled water is gotten.

Jos Wildlife Park: This park is home to a rare and exotic variety of animals. There are picnic spaces available.

17. Sokoto State

Hubbaren Shehu (Tomb of Usman dan Fodio): This is the tomb of the great jihadist, Usman dan Folio, who was very active in the Fulani Jihad of the 19th century.

18. Taraba State

The Mambilla Plateau: The highest point on the plateau is over 2,000 meters above sea level. There are villages situated on the plateau. This plateau is the highest point in Nigeria.

19. Yobe State

Dufuna Canoe: This is Africa’s oldest known boat. It was concluded after a series of radio-carbon tests that the boat is about 8,000 years old. It was discovered by a Fulani herdsman in 1987 while he was digging a well.

20. Zamfara State

Kura Hills: At the base of these hills are villages which have existed hundreds of years.

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