She's been my biological mother since the day I popped out of her womb and we still argue if the tea is sweet enough. My mom was raised in northern Indiana and moved to southern Missouri with my dad before I was born. Somehow her unsweet tea and thin crust pizza ways didn't rub off on me.

1. The pearl debate

Mom has always said, "A woman should own one set of nice pearls for special/formal occasions." While I have a drawer full of $5 pearl earrings for tennis practice or grocery shopping.

2. Is it "Mawm" or "Mom"...?

She's lived here for thirty years and my grandma will always be her "mawm". It's a northern thing. To me, my mom will always be my sweet mama.

3. BBQ versus Pizza

We have some of the best BBQ places to eat and the Pizza Shack will always be my mom's preference.

4. Missouri pizza will never be Chicago Pizza

Not even Imo's from St. Louis. Not enough sauce, toppings, and the crust definitely isn't thin enough. (I'll be honest, I've had a real Chicago Pizza and it wins every time. They're unlike any pizza anywhere.)

5. Everyone says "Hi" in the south

Grocery shopping near my grandparent's place was always weird when no one wanted to smile at each other. We walked through Chicago once and everyone was in such a hurry and they minded their own business. Here, my mom thinks it's pretty neat when the neighbors would bring over half their Angel Food cake and we would send something back in their dish. Apparently, that doesn't happen in the North?